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Mahesar leads historic ceremony: Laying the foundation stone for Bibi Maham’s shrine

Event marked a significant milestone
in the spiritual heritage of the region

Special Report

AGHAM KOT: The grand and sacred ceremony of laying the foundation stone for the revered shrine of Masooma-e-Sindh, Bibi Maham Hazrat Khadija (SA), the daughter of Imam Musa Kazim (AS), unfolded in the historic locale of Agham Kot, Sindh.
Hosted by the Department of Auqaf, Government of Sindh, the event marked a significant milestone in the spiritual heritage of the region. Munawar Ali Mahesar, the Provincial Secretary of Auqaf Sindh, ceremoniously initiated the construction work by laying the foundation stone amidst an atmosphere of reverence and solemnity.
Addressing the gathering, Munawar Ali Mahesar eloquently recounted the trials endured by the descendants of Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) following the tragic events of Karbala. Forced to seek refuge far from their ancestral lands, many found solace and sanctuary in the welcoming embrace of Sindh. He emphasized the Department’s commitment not only to construct dignified shrines but also to uphold their sanctity, ensuring they remain hallowed places of reverence.
Mahesar expressed confidence in the timely and dignified completion of the shrine of Masooma-e-Sindh, Syeda Khadija Bibi Maham (SA), foreseeing it as a beacon of progress and joy for the region.
Amidst the spiritual ambiance, Allama Ayaz Ali Qummi led the gathering in prayers, invoking blessings upon the endeavor.
The Religious Affairs Committee added cultural richness to the event by presenting traditional Sindhi topis and ajraks to esteemed guests, symbolizing the unity and heritage of the land.
Following this gesture, participants joined Munawar Ali Mahesar in a heartfelt tribute at the sacred shrine of Mausoleum-e-Masooma, Bibi Pak Maham (SA), adorning it with fragrant floral offerings, symbolizing their reverence and devotion.