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US wants Pakistan to continue working with IMF: M Miller

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ISLAMABAD: The US has urged Pakistan to “continue working with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other global financial institutions” to achieve economic stability in the country.
“The United States supports Pakistan’s efforts to break free from the vicious cycle of debt and financing,” State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller told his daily news briefing on Wednesday.
The spokesperson was responding to a question about a letter sent by ex-PTI’s chairman Imran Khan to the IMF, suggesting linking the next loan facility to an audit of the Feb 8 general elections in the country.
The PTI in its letter had called on the global lender to ensure that its guidelines regarding “good governance as well as conditionalities” were satisfied before granting a financial facility to Pakistan.
The party also demanded an election audit of “at least 30 per cent of the national and provincial assemblies’ seats”, which the party said could be accomplished in “merely two weeks”.
“Pakistan’s new government must immediately prioritise the economic situation because the policies over the next several months will be crucial to maintaining economic stability for Pakistanis,” the spokesperson said.
“I’ll just say with respect to the IMF that we support Pakistan’s efforts to break free from the vicious cycle of debt and international financing,” the Spokesperson added.
“The long-term health of Pakistan’s government – or economy is crucial to its stability,” Miller added. Pakistan has been facing financial challenges in recent years, with dwindling foreign exchange reserves and declining value of its national currency.
Meanwhile, Members of the US Congress have called on the Biden administration to “withhold recognition of a new government until an investigation determines the election was not rigged”.
A letter spearheaded by US Congressman Greg Casar and signed by 30 other members of Congress expresses concern about “pre- and post-poll rigging” in the Feb 8 general elections.
The letter asks Biden to urge “Pakistani authorities to release anyone who has been detained for engaging in political speech or activity”. It further stated to “make clear to Pakistani authorities that US law provides for accountability for acts that violate human rights.”
“The results of Pakistan’s election should represent the will of the people,” Casar wrote in a post on X.