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Memorial Reference for Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan Durrani held

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QUETTA: Balochistan’s Pashtun Congress and Sadozai Qaumi Welfare Organization organized a memorial reference for the late Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan Durrani at Sadozai House in Quetta the other day.
The event was held to honor the life and legacy of Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan, a prominent figure born on October 10, 1919, in the Sadozai dynasty of the Durrani Tribe – an ethnic Pashtun section of the Popalzai sub-clan in British India, Quetta.
As a close friend of Qazi Muhammad Essa Khan and true ally of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, he dedicated himself to the cause of Independence and contributed significantly to the nation’s struggle for freedom.
Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan peacefully passed away on November 29, 1992, in Quetta, leaving behind a profound impact on the hearts of his followers, friends, and family members.
The commemorative event was attended by distinguished notables, devoted followers, close friends, and family members, who all gathered with profound respect and admiration for their late Tribal Chief.
The memorial reference was graced by esteemed dignitaries including Rahila Hameed Durrani, Ex-Speaker Balochistan Assembly, Hashim Khan Ghalzai, Principal Secretary to Governor Balochistan, Saeed-ul-Hassan Mandokhail, Ex-Senator, Malik Abdul Rahim Babai, Patron Pashtune Congress, Syed Agha Faisal, President Chiltan Adventurers, Hayatullah Khan Durrani, Patron-in-Chief Sadozai Qaumi Welfare Organization, and many others.
These honorable speakers and attendees shared heartfelt feelings and paid their sincerest gratitude to their departed mentor Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan whose contribution played an instrumental role in Pakistan’s Independence Movement.

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