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UAE’s PFUJ hosts a meeting of journalists to fortify community bonds, uphold mature reporting

Farzana Mansoor

DUBAI (UAE): A significant gathering of journalists representing various channels and newspapers in the United Arab Emirates took place at a local hotel, convened by the largest organization of journalists, PFUJ UAE. The meeting was led by President Khalid Malik.
The meeting aimed to address the challenges faced by the overseas Pakistani and to foster positive contributions from the journalist community in promoting the country’s reputation.
President Khalid Malik stressed the importance of conveying the overseas Pakistani issues to the Pakistan Consulate and resolving them in accordance with the country’s laws. He highlighted how such gatherings could pave the way for tackling future challenges effectively.
Emphasizing the crucial role of journalists, President Malik underscored the need for verified news as the hallmark of responsible journalism. He praised the PFUJ team for their diligent and timely coverage of news.
During the meeting, the participating journalists pledged their commitment to fulfill their responsibilities diligently and vowed to avoid any form of misinformation or unverified reporting
The event saw the presence of prominent journalists, including founding member Syed Mudassar Khushnood, Senior President Rana Kashif, General Secretary Ansar Akram, Joint Secretary Ishaq Soomro, Finance Secretary Rana Naseer, and Information Secretary Rana Rizwan. Among others, Fahad Sheikh, Salman Shakeel, Irfan Bahadur, Toqeer Ahmed, Ashar Ashfaq, and Arshad Malik were also actively engaged in the discussions.
The meeting served as a platform to strengthen bonds within the journalist community and underscored their collective commitment to promoting responsible journalism in the United Arab Emirates.

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