Metro Matters 08-09-2020

Heavy rain destroys ‘Big Buy’ retail store

Karachi experienced its heaviest rains in almost a century, killing at least 41 people, business community of Karachi complained that their city lacks basic infrastructure facilities despite its role as the nation’s economic and financial hub. Lack of any bulk drainage mechanism on Abul Hasan Asfahani Road flooded the Karachi’s fourth largest biggest Store ‘Big Buy’ during the week which went drowned and devastated and the millions of rupees food and non food items placed in basement of the store was inundated with stagnant rainwater, around One hundred and fifty employees lost their livelihood.
Chief Executive ‘Big Buy’ Mohammed Sajjid expressed his grievance on conceded flaws in the sewerage system caused flooding alongside the Super Highway and its adjoining areas. He said that Government announced to compensate our losses but after a week none of the Provincial or Federal government representative contacted with us. We are providing the employment to our Youth to save us from societal crimes. He said that I’m seeking the help from government to support me to revive my business again.”

Tariq Haleem elected as Chairman PSGCL

Tariq Haleem has been elected as Chairman of Pakistan Stevedores Conference Guarantee Limited (PSCGL) held after 17 years during the week. Prior to this election, no one was ready to hold elections for the last 17 years.
Presently he is working as the CEO of Bulk Shipping and has vast experience in bulk and dry cargo, shipping/maritime industry. He also worked closely with business community and elected as Senior Vice President of FPCCI in 2018-2019. He also elected unopposed as chairman of Pakistan Ship’s Agents Association (PSAA) for the year 2018-19.
His services globally acknowledged by Port and shipping sector and he is the one who handle the first ship arrived at newly established Gwader Port.
After winning elections Tariq Haleem expressed his intention of better and closer working relations between the maritime sector, business community and the government. He appreciated the services of all the members of PSGCL who help out him in holding the elections after seventeen years. He stressed on hard work for the development and economic progress of the country. On this occasion, prominent personalities Asif Aziz Balgamwala, Waqar Zaidi, Capt Qaim, Asim Saeed, Saeed Ahmed, Sohail Khan, Montazer Khan and Muhammad Hussain were present.

Pakistan Baitul Maal, IBA Karachi ink MoU to help 25 students

Pakistan Baitul Maal and Institute of Business Administration, Karachi signed a MoU where 25 deserving students will receive funding of up to Rs. 100,000 every year. The MoU was signed by Aon Abbas Buppi, Managing Director, PBM and Ms. Malahat Awan, Director, Corporate Relations, IBA Karachi at the PBM headquarters.
The two-year agreement will also offer internship opportunities to these students in various offices of the PBM around Pakistan.
Speaking at the occasion Abbas Buppi remarked, “PBM is extremely happy to support IBA as it is one of Pakistan’s most prestigious universities.In due time, as our relationship with IBA strengthens, we hope to increase PBM support to include 25 more students.”
Ms. Malahat Awan thanked PBM for their support for IBA, especially during this stressful time, when a lot of families have been affected by COVID-19.
Keeping in view, the economic impact of the pandemic in the country, the IBA Karachi has beefed up its financial assistance program to Rs. 380 million, a 25% increase from last year, which will benefit more than 1200 needy students.
Legislator Aslam Shaikh launches his book ‘The Inalienable Human Rights’
Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi has organized the book launching ceremony of “The Inalienable Human Rights” by well-known legislator Aslam Shaikh.
“In our country, the people are not familiar with their rights and the law in such a case, the book ‘The Inalienable Human Rights’ of a well-known legislator can be the best guide for everyone. The government is requested to include this book in the academic curricular so that the people can be aware of their rights following the law” these views were expressed by the politician Mehtab Akbar Rashidi on the occasion of the book launching ceremony.
“The author is requested to translate this book into Sindhi and Urdu as well and first of all, the availability of the book should be ensured at the general police stations on the condition that it should be read,” she added.
President of the association of social and intellectual friends Mohammad Asif Shaikh, General Secretary Ashraf Ali, Advocate Sindh High Court, Abdul Khalid Shaikh, Prof. K.A Rajpal, Rafeeq Ahmed Jafri, Advocate Qadir Mando Khel and others were also present in the ceremony.
Author of the book Aslam Shaikh, Additional secretary, Prosecution and legislation law department said that this book is the essence of his training which he has written based on his years of experience.

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