Metro Matters 14-04-2020

Dawlance to donate 120 appliances to Indus Hospital to fight corona

As part of a new CSR initiative by Dawlance, it will provide The Indus Hospital with a generous donation of nearly 120 high-quality appliances, including more than 40 refrigerators & freezers, 60 air-conditioners, along with many Microwave ovens, water-dispensers and Electric-Kettles. Dawlance appliances and technologies will enhance the hospital’s capacity to overcome the COVID-19 challenge, by maintaining comfortable room-temperatures to care for the patients, while storing large quantities of Corona kits and testing-samples in the ideal ambient temperature below -20 degrees.
As the doctors and para-medical staff are the frontline force in the fight against the virus, these appliances from Dawlance will equip them to save more lives, with timely diagnosis, medical-care and treatment for the increased number of patients, expected during this public-health crisis.
The Chief Executive Officer of Dawlance Umar Ahsan Khan stated that; “Dawlance has a vision to elevate the quality of life in Pakistan. Dawlance promises to play its role in improving the healthcare infrastructure, while also promoting education, awareness and environmental protection.”
“Over the past 4 decades, Dawlance has evolved as a consumer-focused brand. As a fully-owned subsidiary of the 3rd largest manufacturer of consumer electronics in Europe, Arcelik Turkey, we at Dawlance will continue to support the hospitals that have been designated for COVID-19 treatment, till this disease is totally eliminated. We are also engaging and informing the public at all levels, through various channels, including digital media. This is a global crisis of unprecedented scale and we pray for everyone who in impacted by it.” Umar Khan added.
Amidst this global pandemic situation, hundreds of nations are forced to lockdown their cities, to ensure social-distancing, while Pakistan has also taken extensive precautionary measures to prevent an exponential spread of this ailment. Urgent preparations are underway all over the nation, for timely diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 patients, where the corporate entities can play a major role too.
So far, a large scale spread of COVID-19 in Pakistan is preventable as the Government has taken early and tough decisions, but only if the people act responsibly, take precautions, do not leave their homes unnecessarily and wash their hands regularly. The next few weeks are critical to contain and eliminate this disease, so the economic impact of this lockdown can also be minimized, especially for saving the poorest segments of the society. Dawlance is committed and ready for sustainable efforts for the nation, to prevent any such challenge in future too.

METRO Pakistan stands in fight against COVID-19

With a high sense of corporate social responsibility, METRO Pakistan under its program “Care & Share” is supporting Government of Pakistan in the fight against COVID-19 by donating 2,500 high quality full body protective suits.
METRO Pakistan was responded to the need of personal protective body suits at different government hospitals. The donation was handed over to the local administration of Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan and Karachi to combat COVID-19 by providing the first line of defense for health care workers against the virus and allowing the workers to continue attending the patients in hospitals and quarantine centers throughout the country.
METRO Pakistan believes that it is the time when everyone needs to play their part by standing together and taking initiative to support the government to win the national battle that is currently under way against this unprecedented pandemic so that we can all continue to operate with faith and pride, in a country we want to see progress.

Girls4Tech™ Connect

Through the newly launched website Girls4Tech Connect, as well as through activities made in collaboration with Mastercard’s education partner Scholastic, teachers and parents in Pakistan and across the globe can download lessons to help students learn about STEM topics from the comfort of their homes. These activities are built on global science and math standards – and incorporate Mastercard’s deep expertise in payments technology and innovation – to enable children to discover a range of STEM careers, such as Fraud Detective, Data Scientist and Software Engineer.
Impact Highlights from the First Six Yearsto date, Girls4Tech has reached more than 800,000 girls in 27 countries and on 6 continents. The program has engaged more than 4,400 employee mentors worldwide. Mastercard has partnered with Scholastic, Be Better China, Major League Baseball, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), R&A and YCAB in Indonesia to further scale the program and offer STEM skills in unique ways to girls ages 8-16. As technology skills evolve, a new curriculum was launched in 2019 to give students deeper exposure to the growing fields of cybersecurity and AI – Girls4Tech Cybersecurity & AI.Girls4Tech programs also extend to girls ages 13-16 with Girls4Tech 2.0, as well as a 20-week coding program, Girls4Tech & Code for girls 8-10.

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