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Metro Matters By Manzar Naqvi 17-10-2023

A protest demonstration to show solidarity with the people of Palestine

In the heart of Karachi, Journalists community and a diverse group of passionate activists from the civil society especially women activists had come together, united by a single cause, during the reported week to show unwavering solidarity with the people of Palestine. The tumultuous events in the region had deeply touched their hearts, and they felt compelled to take a stand.
Under the scorching sun, they gathered at the Karachi Press Club, their faces determined and their voices filled with conviction. Banners bearing messages of peace and justice fluttered in the breeze as the crowd swelled with people from all walks of life, transcending cultural and religious boundaries.
The protest was a powerful display of unity and empathy. Speakers addressed the assembly, passionately calling for an immediate ceasefire in Palestine. They emphasised the urgent need for dialogue and diplomacy to resolve the long-standing conflict. The sound of slogans filled the air, demanding justice for the innocent lives caught in the crossfire.
As the sun dipped below the horizon, candles were lit to symbolise hope amid the darkness of conflict. This gathering at the Karachi Press Club was not just a demonstration; it was a beacon of solidarity, sending a resounding message to the world that peace and justice should prevail, not just in Karachi but in every corner of the globe.

ACP & FUU celebrates 60th anniversary of ties between Pak & Poland

Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi in Collaboration with the Federal Urdu University organized a ceremony to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Pakistan-Poland Diplomatic Relations. President Arts Council Ahmad Shah, Polish Ambassador to Pakistan Maciej Pisarski were present on the occasion.
Honorary Consul General in Karachi Mirza Umer Baig, University of Warmia and Mazury Professor Dr. Arkadiusz Zukowski, Urdu University Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. Ziauddin, Faisal Javed, Dr. Asghar Ali Dashti and Dr. Arif Khan participated in this ceremony.
The ceremony started with the national anthems of Pakistan and Poland. The documentary of the joint international conference organized by the Department of International Relations, Federal Urdu University, Karachi and the Institute of Political Science, University of Warmia and Mazury, Poland in 2022 was shown.
The Ambassador of Poland to Pakistan While Speaking that After the World War, Poland gave importance to public relations and increased contacts with the world including Pakistan, through modern era and technology we can move forward, he said that in the field of education, Poland wants to pave the way for students.
The 60-year relationship between the two countries is a sign that the people of both the countries want reconciliation and wider relations. Professor Dr. Ziauddin said that the Department of International Relations is the most active and dynamic department of the university in which the teachers are carrying out academic, teaching and research activities with full energy. Prof. Dr. Arkadiusz Zukowski highlighted various aspects of relations between Pakistan and Poland.

Indus Motor Company wins prestigious MAP Corporate Excellence Award 2023

At the 38th Corporate Excellence Awards 2023 ceremony, hosted by the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) at Karachi, Indus Motor Company (IMC) won the Best Corporate Excellence Award in the Automobile Assembler Sector’s category. The award presented by Younus Dagha, Sindh Minister for Revenue & Industry, was received by the company’s CFO, Mohammad Ibadullah, during the week.
The laurel recognizes IMCs outstanding performance whilst demonstrating progressive management practices during 2023. IMC has been a recipient of Best in Sectoral Corporate Excellence Award, for the 8th time since 2010, and also won the coveted Overall Industrial Corporate Excellence Award, four times.
Ali Asghar Jamali, the IMC’s Chief Executive said: It’s quite an honour to once again receive this much coveted award from MAP. Like I like to say, excellence is more than a set of year-end results, it’s a journey of prevailing attitude, and for us, the biggest contributor in this crowning accomplishment has been the “Toyota Way”.
This recognition signifies IMC’s will, commitment, and dedication to consistently deliver on the high expectations of all its stakeholders.”
The evaluation for the Awards comprised of multiple phases including detailed financial assessment, review of management practices, and management interviews. An impartial third-party consultant was retained by MAP to carry out the award evaluation and compile the results.
The Corporate Excellence Awards was instituted by MAP in 1982 with the sole aim to recognize and honor companies showing outstanding performance and demonstrating progress and enlightened management practices.