Minus one – no way

Philosophy of Minus One has echoed once again mainly to side track the main issues. This is not the first time that idea of minus one has come in to lime light. It all started after MQM Chief Altaf Hussain went in to exile. When he started issuing anti state statements there was resentment within their own group, but due to his popularity failed to attract the proposal and it died it’s own death. Later on this was also tried on Shaheed BB but soon fizzled out because she was very popular amongst the masses. Whenever opposition gains strength and becomes nuisance for the government Minus One formula is floated to diffuse the pressure. The narrative is built up when some differences surface with in certain political parties. This is mainly to help dissident elements. In Pakistan politics is totally different than other countries, here we have personality cult and the politics revolve around that one person who heads the party. It is worthwhile to recall that when Nawaz Sharif was under clouds facing cases Minus One formula was floated to see the reaction.
Media that is always starving for such breaking news discussed this narrative of Minus One for days whereas in actual fact it never gained any momentum. No party can claim that it is free from internal rifts that does not mean they are looking for Minus One. So in NS case it fizzled out, same is true for PPP. Imagine how mature seasoned experienced political personalities stand behind Bilawal Bhutto when he is holding press conference or meetings. How on earth the elders line up behind an immature so called leader and carry forward his narrative. Life goes on like this Practically it has been experienced when any leader touches heights of popularity it worries the government. We have witnessed the entire drama how Imran Khan was removed through a well planned arranged vote of no confidence with the help of judiciary little realising the consequences. In this entire game establishment came in prominence and faced tough criticism. The people of Pakistan have not accepted the ouster of IK as Prime Minister by the powers that matter. PDM with different ideologies got United against one person but failed to create any dent. As the time passed people of Pakistan showed complete unity and stood behind IK. The world all over is more surprised how a person removed from premier ship at a short notice attract so much attention. His public meetings are being attended in thousands throughout Pakistan, has unnerved the government. IK is just one person Chairman PTI facing establishment, government, bureaucracy and scores of mafias operating in the country. People of Pakistan now stand united behind IK and are not prepared to listen anything except to see him next Prime Minister of Pakistan with overwhelming majority so that proper legislation could be carried out to uplift the poor instead looking after a group of elite. To the good luck to the government the floods have forced IK to go slow, but this cannot help the opposition that has become symbol of corruption and hate. The world has witnessed the reaction of the people he swept all the bye elections and hopefully will win all the 9 by-election’s whenever held
It no longer matters what we think of him. It is not fair to compare him at par with his opponents .What many of us do not realise is that his fall was a conspiracy, ouster was managed by a few, his comeback is destined by the Allah blessings. His removal from Prime Ministership was well managed episode but his return is glorious by Allah Almighty. He has already reached highest place one could dream where our opinions now carry no weight only Allah’s decision matters that nobody can change.
One brave man rose to challenge the status quo and all out to change the fate of 200 million people of Pakistan. He is facing Politicians gathered together to save their looted money but people have understood narrative of IK and have decided to support him. He is fighting on many fronts all alone and has challenged fleet of Mafias. Here comes a man known as IK and told them to rise to the occasion and save your future generation you are destined for better tomorrow.
He has sacrificed everything including his family, faced character assassination but kept moving forward.
He gave them a vision, hope, dream and line of direction that leads them to better future.
He told them to realize their true worth. Now the nation stands united to support one man whom they believe has the ability to steer the country towards path of progress and prosperity. All those who are planning to oust IK by propagating Minus One formula to oust him from political scene by instituting various cases are living in fools paradise. No one can deter IK leader of people who love him adore him and ready to sacrifice their lives. IK in recent statement has recommended to government to defer appointment of new army chief till the formation of new government and present COAS can be given extension till such time elections are held. Under the prevailing conditions this is best option and government should accept the offer and announce date of all parties conference when to hold elections, IK has said he is willing to discuss election schedule. It is time that government should consider this offer seriously.
Pakistan Paindabad.