Painting exhibition of Mona Naqsh opens at the Koel Art Gallery

Iqbal Jamil

Painting exhibition of Mona Naqsh

Karachi: One has a feeling, while visiting the painting exhibition of Mona Naqsh titled, ‘Ode to my Father Jamil Naqsh’, that as if one is in a garden was flowers blossom and its fragrance spread all over.
Mona chose not to speak and let the flowers pay tribute to the legend painter late Jamil Naqsh through her grandeur paintings in an exhibition which began at Koel Art Gallery, here Tuesday.
Mona mixed the pigeons, a favourite subject of Jamil Naqsh, with flowers and embedded both with great precision and prudently which gave a unique touch to the paintings.
The amalgamation of textures the importance of drawings transcends from the Master Jamil Naqsh.
Paintings evoke varying emotions, love, joy, appreciation and emotions. Mona selection of colors stunned àrt lovers likewise the strokes is amazing.
What s gift from a student to a teacher who nurtured her she is today.