Mr. Khan – Confrontation not in your interest

Be it people or politicians irrespective of party affiliations their last hope is establishment and the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Those who criticise army and judiciary ultimately seek remedy from these two most important pillars of state. Track record of all political parties without any exceptions has been most disappointing that resulted in bringing in disrepute these both premier institutions of the country without any fear of law and accountability. With little effort on google we can easily find large number of video clips and speeches delivered in house and through press conferences by our parliamentarians in the past and in recent past is testimony of extreme dislike towards these two strong pillars of state.
Complete recording of their speeches and opinions expressed during talk shows is available with the government and agencies as well as on You Tube, therefore this fact cannot be denied or disputed by our leaders. They all got away after uttering highly derogatory and uncalled for remarks and aired fabricated stories due to leniency shown by both these institutions except urging them to exercise more caution, but it had no effect on them and this criticism continued unabetted and is still going on in different form. Contempt of court is taken very lightly because this has rarely been employed and no one is punished.The anchors and analysts not all of them feel happy by criticising these two institutions and think they shall turn in to hero’s without realising its consequences. Unfortunately this happened due to selective accountability and institutional distinction and patronising certain media anchors and houses. Can someone quote an example of any other country where outside the Supreme Court rostrum is placed loaded with microphones of different TV channels to comment on the days proceedings on the case by both the parties in turn that is yet to be concluded?Can some one quote an example where hundreds of political workers gather outside Supreme Court to hear the judgement? Can anyone quote an example where hundreds of barricades and police force is deployed for the safety of judges and security of the premises? Can anybody think Supreme Court being attacked?
Question arises when most of our political disputes are referred to SC by our leaders therefore they should have the decency to accept the judgement if in favour or against because two parties cannot win at the same time. If it is against them should they be criticising honourable judges? The answer is emphatic No. This should have been matter of concern for all the parliamentarians to develop culture of acceptance of decision of the SC but no one has bothered to display maturity in this regard. This certainly demands that we all should work to strengthen the norms of democracy to strengthen the parliament. We have seen how on small trivial matters our prime ministers have been removed and there has never been any hasitation on their part in walking out of the office, that simply reflects come what may wrong or right decision, our leaders bow down and carry out the court orders but what goes on after acceptance of decision is a tragedy. It is very unfortunate that spokespersons of various political parties do not exercise proper caution and control when talking to media or making public statement. Latest example is irresponsible statement by spokesperson of PTI who crossed the red lines by calling on members of the armed forces to disobey their high command orders, the channel has been issued show cause notice and Shahbaz was arrested and is in jail custody. His utterances attract provision of sedition sections and he has been charged under different sections and is in jail custody. The best course of action was that the Chairman PTI should have condemned his statement in strongest terms and issued show cause notice to him instead taking it so lightly. At the same time Gill should have regretted and clarified his position. Now law shall take its course of action.
Since our politics has boiled down to personal enemities, personal vendetta, attacks, disputes, accusations, corruption charges, allegations, counter allegations, bringing in disrepute the families, showing no respect to institutions, flouting country laws openly, attacking institutions , carrying out character assassinations of personalities, airing fabricated stories these cannot be allowed to continue. Our leaders has crossed all limits of decency where it is now shaking the foundations of state. We systematically allowed certain mafias in different shapes to create state with in state where people just don’t matter at all. The worst scenario is after 18th amendment that was mainly to create more harmony and allowing provinces to take independent decisions for the welfare of the people but now provinces are pitching against centre is something that has to be controlled. Since no one listens to no one therefore solution has to be found out of box before it gets too late.
Enemies of Pakistan are very happy and active, spending billions of rupees to destabilise us and ensure we intensify our internal fights to destroy each other and damage our economy beyond repair, once economy slides down to a meltdown level that ultimately weakens the state and when state starts getting weak institutions suffer badly. Should we watch this destruction as silent spectator or act? The straight answer is we must act and act fast.
As a first step let all the political parties agree they would never discuss establishment and judiciary in print and electronic media. Secondly no one will discuss court cases whose decision has not been announced. Thirdly if anyone who tries by his actions or makes statement or publishes stories , discusses these two premium institutions anywhere in any manner should be permanently banned, and not the least no one should be allowed to utter a word against the creation of Pakistan. Let peace return to country and everyone should concentrate to improve upon the economy of the state so that we come out of shackles of IMF. The offer of national dialogue by Prime Minister is timely and has been hailed and PTI must respond in positive manner. PTI has to accept ground realities and must be clear no one shall take dictation. The super power ultimately had to sit across table with Taliban and the result is before us. All national issues including holding of early elections can be made part of agenda and election schedule can be discussed. Holding huge public meetings is constitutional right of every political party but not at the cost of causing disturbances. Let this be understood that confrontation leads to destruction.