Ocean Mall celebrates Independence Day with Made in Pakistan spirit

KARACHI: Our country was founded on the basis of freedom, righteousness, and liberty. It is in that spirit that our ancestors carved a home in this land for us; and it is that same inherited spirit that compels today’s generation to devote themselves and parts of their lives to this country’s benefit, the Management of the Ocean Mall said, says a Press release.
To honour that spirit, Ocean Mall presented: Made in Pakistan. They invited various key NGO’s that are active in today’s Pakistan – each of these bring strength and hope to their communities, acting as safe havens for the impoverished. To extend their gratitude to these brave teams that pave the way for a better Pakistan, they hosted an award ceremony.
This main event was hosted fantastically by the guests of honor, Fahad Mustafa and Mahirah Khan as they joined the crowd for the cake cutting ceremony and the heartfelt national anthem.
A cake cutting only signals more festivities, and there were many to take part in.
The entire mall was jam-packed with activities! The crowd took memorable pictures next to the selfie booth with their friends and family, interacted with the various kiosks the NGO’s had set up.
They conducted a successful clothing drive for the Khwaja Sira community of Karachi, and delights like Turkish Ice-cream were enjoyed by everyone; especially the kids.
Everyone enjoyed interacting with Sarwat Gilani and her kiosk as she promoted her dazzling new venture – The Art House.