Mush victim of e-media he supported

The media is believed to be very strong in Pakistan and is also known as the fourth pillar.
In the mid 1970’s journalists’ community faced a ruthless attack from General Zia and as a result of which even four journalists received lashes which was a morbidly unique example set in world history. But after the democratic Era began in the 1980’s, the media became not just the party to the major political parties but it also acted as a tool to support their financial, political gains as well as personal benefits. Yes indeed it was The Dictator General Musharraf who gave the go-ahead to electronic media and he allowed its independence and ironically it was he who also became a victim of the very same Independence in the years that followed.
So, during the rise of media, Hamid Mir and other journalists became the popular voices and key players of this game which resulted in the emergence of a new troika ie the military, the political parties and media. The Jang group created HM as a big player of power politics. Sometimes they chose to become loudspeakers for Nawaz Sharif, or Asif Zardari as well as PM IK. After the departure of Gen Mush, the military establishment lost its influence on the politicians and media. And as a result of this, the Sharifs, AZ and media came out as major players. But in past several years they gradually lost their credibility and again the invisible government means Aabpara which is now at the centre stage of the politics and is the major player.
After PTI Government was formed, Jang, Geo thought that they would continue to dictate to the power players. But when they lost the political support from NS and AZ and even IK government also ignored them and they even sent the media icon MSR for one full year behind bars. So, finally HM, his group with the blessings of foreign support again want to play the major role which is not acceptable for IK or Pindi. The removal of HM from primetime screen is I think nothing more than a hue and cry. It will eventually settled down in the near future. This group cannot sustain and especially in this position, continue an anti-establishment narrative.

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