NAB sets up Pakistan Anti-Corruption Academy: Javed

ISLAMABAD: Justice Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB has established “Pakistan Anti-Corruption Academy (PACA)” at NAB Headquarters as in-house Administrative Unit of NAB as NAB accords high priority for training/capacity building of its Investigation Officers and Prosecutors on regular basis on modern lines as training is continuous process which is an effective tool for improvement and maintaining the quality of Investigation Officers and Prosecutors.
Justice Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB said that NAB is an apex anti-corruption organization of the country which has assigned gigantic task of eradication of corruption from the country.
He said that this requires an extremely dedicated and highly trained manpower to undertake this responsibility. He said that NAB attaches great importance to its Human Resource Development.
Accordingly, a comprehensive yearly Training Plan for 2020 has been devised to ensure continued professional development of its officers/officials and Prosecutors. In order to ensure successful implementation of the Training Plan, it is equally important that trainers are fully capable and geared up to undertake this responsibility.
He said that the mandate of “Pakistan Anti-Corruption Academy (PACA)” will be to plan and arrange trainings for freshly recruited NAB officers and continuous Capacity Building of the existing Human Resource in the fields of Financial Crime Investigation, Forensic Examination and Prosecution for National Accountability Bureau and other Law Enforcement Agencies in the Federal and Provincial Governments and to carry out Research and Reformation Projects to highlight weaknesses in the system and purpose improvements based on the need assessment, system analysis and latest good practices in the fields of financial Crimes and prevention of corruption reforms for good governance.
He said that “Pakistan Anti-Corruption Academy (PACA)” will further coordinate with all Local and Foreign Agencies for International Cooperation, Trainings, Research and Reformation, Forensic Examination, Curriculum Development and Accreditation of Investigators in the fields of Financial Crimes and Anti-Corruption.
The PACA will be an entity under the Training and Research (T&R) Division of NAB and will perform above functions and role as per prescribed organogram, delegation and job description.
Justice Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB said that a standardized syllabus for all investigation officers, refresher and capacity building courses on Accounts matters, General Financial Rules, FR, SR, Digital Forensic Question Documents and Finger Print Analysis has been formulated by NAB to ensure quality and uniformity.
It will help NAB in achieving standard application of SOPs, Laws and rules. The performance objectives of training programs will also be continuously evaluated so as to form a basis for subsequent review and improvements in future training needs. The Chairman NAB said that a state of the art Forensic Science LAB has been established in NAB.
The Forensic Science LAB has the capacity to conduct analysis in the fields of Digital Forensics, Questioned Documents; Fingerprints analysis so that investigation officers and prosecutors may utilize Forensic LAB facilities in order to investigate cases within stipulated time period as per law. – NNI

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