Naivety of replacing Imran Khan


Pakistan is passing through most difficult period of its existence which has been made possible due to collective wisdom of majority of political parties. In any democratic set up we have opposition for check and balances. Their main role is to criticise governments those policies and agreements which are considered no good for the country and for that there is a proper forum in the form of parliament to debate the issues. It is very unfortunate that our parliament from day one has remained dysfunctional for which the government and opposition has to share the blame equally. Although PTI and its allied parties has completed three and half years but these have been mostly under pressure. Due to non cooperation of opposition and government showing no flexibility towards opposition the passage of bills mostly has been through ordinances that is not good for the democracy. It is true IK won the elections with two major narratives one was to stop corruption and retrieve looted money by previous rulers and improve the living standard of poor people. Undoubtedly there has been partial success, it could have been much better if there was no Covid-19 that affected the entire world and Pakistan was no exception. However, due credit must be given to government for handling coronavirus with remarkable results with minimum casualties. President WHO also appreciated Pakistan’s efforts in controlling this pandemic. Pakistan was perhaps among few countries with minimum lockdowns unless it was considered absolutely essential. Now all type of restrictions have been lifted and life is back to normal.
To overcome pandemic effects government went all out to give concessions to construction industries that is associated with other thirty industries, it announced amnesity schemes where people were encouraged to come forward convert black money into white, this scheme proved useful and entrepreneurs fully cooperated with the government that helped the labour class to continue their work. Government however failed to reduce the cost of doing business, rates of fuel, power and gas continued to rise thus causing inflation that resulted in the sufferings of poor people, middle class and daily wagers were major affectees. Government through Ehsas Program (old BISP) provided cash to poor and cheap ration. Due to confrontation between government and opposition leaders the pace of development could not take up fully, issues were not debated and parliament was by passed and ordinances were considered to be the best option to carry on business. There has been lot of criticism on bad governance of CM Punjab but PM continued his support to CM and always praised his performance. This resulted in formation of groups within party and even coalition partners expressed their reservations but these were taken lightly by the PM. Opposition took the advantage and decided to move no confidence motion against PM.
Undoubtedly Prime Minister has worked very hard and has taken necessary steps and appropriate measures to make Pakistan a welfare state. His all good work done has overshadowed his achievements due to unnecessary confrontation with opposition and accusations of mega corruption against Nawaz and Zardari knowing fully well that the cases are in the courts and the decision shall come from the court. Let us recount his achievements. I think his biggest achievement has been grand speech made in the UN in 2019 criticising India on the atrocities being committed on Kashmiris criticism on west on Islamophobia. After 3 years the United Nations decision to declare 15 March as the International Day to Combat Islamophobia specially in the back drop of hatred against Muslims is great mile stone. This decision has been approved by the UN General Assembly after a resolution was introduced by Pakistan. Therefore let us join in congratulating IK for doing such a difficult task, this will certainly wipe out biased approach of West on Islamophobia. The success story does not end here, to uplift common man the government launched Projects such as Naya Housing Program for affordable accommodation to low income groups, Ehsas program for social security and the Kamyab Jawan program for imparting skills to youth to get them employment and Pana Gah for the old people. In nutshell development sector includes
Karachi Nuclear Power plant 2, Ravi Urban Project, Low cost Housing, Rs 1.1 trillion package for Karachi, progress on construction of dams, Ten Billion tree Tsunami Project, and CPEC. In social sector, Ehsas Program, KoiBhoka na soye, Kisan Card, Insaf Sehat Card, Kamyab Jawan Program, One nation one curriculum, Zaarat say Khorak Tak. On the economic in spite of the difficulties growth in textile, increase in exports, high remittances low tariff for electricity and gas for industrial consumption. Apart from this many other reforms like Establishment of Rehmatul Alameen Academy, Compulsory Quran in schools and Colleges, salary for Imam Masjid, PM appearing in the court, protection to parents from the children, Introduction of Islamic dramas, jail reforms. In fact many such steps have been taken the list is fairly long. With all this work done in 3 years certainly he should be replaced so that old era again starts where loot and plunder is given the highest priority .He should be replaced because he is honest. He should be replaced because he is against corruption. He should be replaced because he said Absolutely Not to US. He should be replaced because he objected on the communication sent to foreign office by EU to condemn Russian attack on Ukraine. He should be replaced because he is giving interest free loans to poor. He should be replaced because he said no to trade with India until Kashmir Dispute is not resolved. He should be replaced because he has cut down expenditures of President House and PM House. He should be replaced because he has given voting right to overseas Pakistanis. He should be replaced because he did good work during spread of corona virus. He should be replaced because he wants to recover looted money by leaders. He should be replaced because he has introduced Electronic Voting Machine to stop rigging in elections. He should be replaced because he did not spare even his close friends on alleged corruption. He should be replaced because he prevailed upon President of Sri Lanka not to burn the muslim dead bodies, instead they be allowed burial as per Islamic laws. He should be replaced because he is perhaps only ruler of Pakistan not fond of foreign tours. All such people who work for welfare of poor and needy they immediately come under the protection of Allah Almighty. Allah be praised.

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