Need to allow Imran Khan strategic space

Regardless of whether anyone likes or doesn’t like Imran Khan, it is the institution of Prime Minister that deserves some respect. For last few days the way a dirty campaign never heard or witnessed in the history of Pakistan is going on not only against Prime Minister Imran Khan but crossing all the limits of decency the first lady is also being attacked levelling unfounded allegations against her. Can anyone give just one example from 196 countries of the world where any tom dick harry can get up and start campaign against Presidents and Prime Ministers? We are called Islamic Republic of Pakistan and are supposed to set example for other countries and nations about our Islamic virtues instead proving the world over that we have no respect for institutions. It looks as if Pakistan is lawless country where everyone is free to say anything to anybody without any fear of law and accountability. It is god to see that FIA cybercrime unit have come in action for allegedly organising a malicious propaganda against Bushra Bibi wife of Prime Minister. How on earth such stupid things could take place. On number of occasions I have been writing and conveying perils about social media that has become very active in recent past and keep floating baseless false and fake stories about prime Minister. The spokespersons of the Prime Minister do hold press conferences and make use of Twitter to rebut the charges, but that’s not enough when compared to campaign launched by disgruntled and unscrupulous elements of society. Somehow or the other a tendency of character assassination of leaders has become a permanent feature of social medial It has become so common that people have stopped responding and prefer to remain quiet. Question only arises when some important personality is involved. How anybody can dare to indulge in fake propaganda against the wife of sitting Prime Minister, all such people need to be arrested and put behind the bars. This is no freedom of press and should never be tolerated
Prime Minister gave top priority to retrieve looted money but lacked modus operandi but it turned out to be the narrative of entire PTI. The PM throughout three and half years never spared a moment without criticising Shahbaz and Nawaz and family members. He spent most of the time in exposing their corruption and each time he roared like a lion that he would never give NRO to any corrupt politicians but failed to realise the decision has to come from the courts and not PM Secretariat. By giving highest priority to catch thief’s he lost sight of poor people who remained the main sufferers and continue to suffer as PM is sticking on with the corruption narrative. Recently he has given very strong warning to looters come what may he is not going to spare Sharif family and shall not rest until stolen money is recovered. Now he openly admits that it was his mistake to allow Nawaz Sharif to go abroad.
Majority of the people still think in spite of his many mistakes they don’t find his replacement, quite naturally leaders of PML N and PPP are facing mega corruption charges, ultimately the cases will end up in punishment because the corruption is fully documented. Unfortunately we failed to carry out reforms in our judicial system and the benefit goes to the accused. Sooner or later this drama has to come to an end. Prime Minister is very lucky because he is facing that opposition which itself is divided and when the time comes government is facilitated and bills are passed from assembly and senate without much of problem. Opposition prefers to boycott any session that simply means they are falling short of strength .Look at the claims of opposition specially Rana Sanaullah that some PTI ministers have approached them, in fact they are this time convinced that Tareen group will join them and oust Buzdar and if they succeed then they shall move no confidence motion against prime minister. In all probabilities they are doomed to fail in their efforts just because they are not united and first have to face opposition from within opposition. But at the same time Prime Minister himself has done the same by distributing certificates to few ministers by doing this the flock has been jeopardised. Seeds of discontent has been sowed, animosity and despair among the otherwise rag tag team. By publicly patronising few ministers PM alienated majority. What a thing to do at that level, the damage done shall take time to heal. Lastly it must be brought to PM notice that his media team has failed in countering negative propaganda against Prime Minister, there is need to review the team have just one or two spokespersons instead having crowd.IK is fully determined and is not pushed or worried about vote of no confidence because he knows opposition cannot succeed in removing him from power the danger is from within, that’s why Shaikh Rasheed has advised PM to meet Jahangir Tareen. Prime Minister has approved amendment in the PECA that was never discussed in the parliament therefore it has been promulgated through ordinance that has been rejected by opposition and media, but the fact remains this action was overdue as many things were happening under the cover of freedom of press.

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