Pakistan a resourceful impecunious country


The government of PTI under the leadership of Imran Khan striving to pushout the country from the quagmire of muddled difficulties, albeit, it is not a so simple task to consummate the plan in the presence of habitual corrupt mafias who sitting in the ranks of politicians, bureaucrats, and journalists.Forthe last many decades the country is facing an acute type of infringing situation in every sector of life.Besidesthe menace of corruption at the apex level of the government, there are other manifolds of reasons this countryisgradually becoming indigentand impoverished despitean abundance of resources and opportunities.
Owing to political expedienciesthese discerning eponymous saviorsof Pakistan often expounds and claim thatthey are takingincessant endeavorsto changethe fate of the people of Pakistan byimproving the condition and destiny of a nation, somehowin contrast their claims have consistently proven frivolous and absurd.when optimum dishonest and imposters in the cloak of reformers hold the chairs of decisive positions of the governmenttheir objectives and determinationsalways moving around forpersonal gains ratherthan any ameliorationof the corrupt system of administration. In reality, these Machiavelli and perfidious proponents deludedinnocent and ignorant peopleand conductedthem on the path of extermination instead of acquittal.Nevertheless,all of us are well aware of the fact that there is a wayto come out precisely from inherited superficial and erroneous commitments and policies of those pastpolitical regimes whom theyalways endowed their detrimental and swindling methods of practices to their next generations.
indeed,to getrid of such exponentsit is mandatory to understand andfigure out the truth and abandon our customary attitude ofgiving preference merely to obtain a tiny personal benefit at the cost of national interest. Certainly, it is the obligation of every patriotic Pakistanito make a strong commitmentwith himselffor the sake of his/her country,wherever or whenever requiredthey willremain impartial and unprejudiced,especiallyat the time of suffragetheywillnever become reluctant to support and elect an upright and veracious representative. Beyond doubt, only an upright and stouthearted leadership can exonerate this hapless nation out of the talons of such mafias.By Following my notion,you will also corroborate my opinionthat the most relevant cause and the basic impediment in this regard is the high percentage of illiteracyamong the people of Pakistan. whereasworn out education system which is not compatible and concordant to the transposing era of the modern age which proved a complete failure in bringing any type of positive change in our society.From a protracted time, these egocentric regimes Keeping in mind personal favoritisms from past to modern omit to adopt an appropriate modus operand for making a relevant mechanism to give a proper direction of thrust for the progression of the country at large.
If we take a general overview of the past and prevailing system of governance of the rest of the country we can easily understand and realize the causes and facts of declension. The Sabaoth has gifted plenty of riches and affluence to Our country. Besidesmany other means of ways,there is an extensive quanitity ofland of arable available across the country,of course,decision-makers never pondered upon this great opportunity that a procurableadditional amplemoorland in all the four provincesof Pakistanis laying vacant which could be brought under cultivation by adopting a proper mechanism andstratagem. Perhaps owing to the nonviability of enough water reservoirsin the past it was not possible enough to cultivate such a huge acreage. Albeit, it is a good gesture the PTI government is already taking some initiatives in this regard and started construction ofnew dams. Verily the nation is veryoptimistic that to some extent this step will helpto solvethe increasing issue of water deficiencyfor irrigation in the country and pave the way for further construction of dams which capable tostorean innumerable quantity ofseasonalwater that isnow aimlesslygoing into the ocean.
We will suggest the PM Khan for the prosperity of the nationit is your obligation to carryoutthe lucrative policies of erecting gargantuan, medium, and small dams on the rivers and rivulets across the country by neglecting and disregarding hindrancesof your pathway which areintermittently creating the opposition parties and anti-state elements. Thus,this additional storageof watercan be utilized for the irrigation of the million acres ofmoorland of the four provinces. potentially if the circumstances remain alike definitely in near future this country will become self-sufficient in all typesof Agri products. Whereas presently on the import of manyagri products we are compelled to spend a huge exchange of the country. Moreover, it also providessome great opportunities to obtaina large quantity of renewable green energy fromthe gravity flow of the water of these dams.
We are lucky enough in such respect that nature has also benignant upon this country and accomplished this landbyentrusting the complete four main seasons of the year whichreason ofgiganticfive riversincluding copious rivulets, streams, and brooks flowing through different parts across thisawesome and magnificentland. Besides the aforementioned felicitations, nature has endowed to this part of the worldscores of scenic landscapes, high mountains, extensive pastures, exciting and inspiring monuments, archeological sites, and sites of prehistoric civilizations, which attracts a great number of Peripateticsand researchesfrom many countries of the world. While It is a tale of woe that the deficiency of political leadership and dearth of sagacious deliberations and planning compelled our nation to stand in the flanks of underdeveloped countries.Till to this date, To run the day-to-day state affairsevery representative of the governments’ bow before the IMF & World Bank for a little alms of loan on shameful terms and conditions.Unfortunately, thistype of behavior strictly maintained devotedly by every political and dictatorship government inthe past seven decades elongated time.
As discussed later this country hasan abundance of water resources, andexpedient location on the globefor solar energy includinghaving a sustainable source for positioningwind energy.Nevertheless,it is tyrannywe are still dependent upon old methods of generating nonrenewable energy even that is not enoughto fulfill our requirements and on another side,we yet to go a long way forthe generation of sufficient renewable green energy which is so far considered the highest environmentally friendly and cheapest resource of energy.In the past, our decision-makersignored and only took a Birdseye view upon those inestimable resources which were availablein their precinct. Albeit, our egocentric rulerskeeping in mind opportunisticapprehensionsmade no long-term planning’s to attain any sort of advantage from those God-gifted assets,rather preferred to look for a little scrounge towards the other developed nations.

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