New domicile law in Jammu & Kashmir – bid to deprive Kashmiris of jobs

There is one new thing that was new law and that law is domicile law i was shocked because whole nation is busy to prepare antidote for COVID-19 and Indian government is busy to making a new law for Jammu and Kashmir that was literally hell. I think Indian government thought that all people are busy with pandemic and its right time to declare this law…they thought this time people will not take action.
Under the law, the domiciles have been defined as those who have resided for a period of 15 years in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir or have studied for a period of seven years and appeared in Class 10/12 examination in an educational institutions located in what is now a union territory.
Anyone who is registered as a migrant by the Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner (Migrants) will also be deemed to be a domicile.
The others who can be deemed to be a domicile include children of those central government officials, all-India services officers, officials of public sector undertakings and autonomous bodies of the central government, public sector banks, officials of statutory bodies, central university officials and those of recognised research institutes of the central government who have served in Jammu and Kashmir for 10 years.
Children of those who fulfils any of the conditions or children of those residents of Jammu and Kashmir who reside outside the Union Territory in connection with their employment or business or other professional
According to the new law, jobs up to lowest level of non-gazette rank are reserved for Jammu and Kashmir domiciles. The provision, however, would be also available to children of central government employees serving in Jammu and Kashmir for ten years and all those non-locals residing in Jammu and Kashmir for more than 15 years.
Jammu Kashmir Apni Party (JKAP) President Syed Altaf Bukhari has demanded the other day that the order be put in abeyance till the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
“It is most unfortunate that such an important order has been issued at a time when the whole country is battling for its survival and is under strict lockdown to stem the spread of deadly Coronavirus disease. While JKAP had been vehemently demanding Domicile Rights on land and jobs for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, the order issued by the union government reflects a casual exercise carried out at the bureaucratic level without taking aspirations and expectations of people into consideration,” Bukhari said.
We are not demanding you to revoke your orders regarding domicile you have occupied us illegally and you can implement anything on us you can remove act 370 you can do anything. Remember our final destination is Rahe Haq that is fight unto death (Azaadi). We don’t care about these domicile laws and many other laws.
As you all known that in Kashmir there is a lot of unemployment the students who had done PhD, Masters and so many degrees and when they apply for job they people don’t hire them because of unemployment and they do not get the job.

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