Why people go to other countries to seek a job?

What is a job? Job is a just obey the boss or join other’s business. We do job for ourselves because we do not want to depend on anyone. We can satisfy and live happily and peacefully. You become self-dependent as you start earning because I believe in myself.
Firstly we seek education for making our career and further do a job to earn something and interact with people; self-confidence, achieve goal and most important thing we get experience in particular field.
The job improves our confidence level as with a job we can do everything, fulfil our desires, family needs and also achieve personal and economic benefits. We learn many things and remain in touch with many people. We get exposure. It not only fetches money for better living but also provides everyday learning and the learning doesn’t stop at particular age but continues at work also. When we work we develop new skills and learn new things.
People go outside or we can say other countries for seeking job, especially in Kashmir. In Kashmir if any fresher can apply for a job firstly there is no space for fresher. In companies they first prefer experienced candidates and this one of the reasons behind unemployment and bribe are given to the companies that promotes corruption. People give hunch money for a job.
I have a question: If you don’t give chance then how can we gain experience? Why they feel comfortable in other countries. Because they give a chance to fresher not experienced candidates. Some people like to go abroad for a job to have exposure to the things. There is a lot of corruption and unemployment. All are not go for outside some people are poor, language barrier, lack of contact and so many things. If any fresher applies for a job there is no vacancy for fresher as they prefer only experienced candidates.
I can give example of my sister who recently completed MBA in Finance and HR. When she completed her studies, she applied for a job. She went to many places but as she has no experienced yet, everywhere she drops her resume but there is a main thing first that first they preference is given to experienced candidates. That’s why she compels to go outside but her father does not allow her to go outside the country. Then she forces her father and at last he agrees but her friends deceived her. She can’t go outside alone because she is afraid of doing so for many reasons.
Some people won’t go outside but are unemployed because of the condition that they prefer experienced candidates, especially in Kashmir; so they are compelled to go to any other country to seek a job.
As you all know that in Kashmir there is a lot of unemployment; students who had done PhD, Masters and achieved so many degrees but when they apply for job they don’t hire them because of unemployment and they do not get the job. The situation in Kashmir most of the time is not good like strikes and before couple of months the Article 370 was introduced and almost seven-month old lockdown and all businesses and education are closed. It affects the education or I can say that slowly it destroys the education system here because of this situation in Kashmir.
Everything looked like in a pause. How shutdowns in Kashmir affects the employers as well as expecting employees. How our conditions and circumstances affect the process of getting a job. Many people can’t go because they are the sole earners have all responsibilities of their families. So government isn’t taking any measures to provide employment and how we lack the development in private sector here .This is the reason why people go outside for seeking a job.

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