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Noble work of Shaheed Hakeem Muhammad Said – that never parted us

Prominent and world acclaimed medical researcher Shaheed Hakeem Muhammad Said was remembered on the occasion of his 100th anniversary on 28 October 2020 in a special session of Shura Hamdard at Head Office Karachi, that was largely attended by members Shura Hamdard and each one of them paid glowing tributes and shared their experiences and time spent with great scholar.
17 October 1998 was another darkest day in the history of Pakistan when in the early hours of the morning after prayers a noble gentleman, kind hearted, learned scholar, philanthropist, a renowned Hakeem by profession was assassinated and embarrassed shahadat and the nation was deprived of a very simple noble person. He was a great fighter never believed in failures, man of strong conviction, he loved Pakistan from the core of his heart, and he loved children and spent most of time with them. He was man of great virtues and believed in strict discipline and never compromised on any of his principles. He lived a very simple life without any pomp and show. He remained governor of Sind for a short period and never believed in protocol, anybody could meet him freely, he was accessible to all and sundry. His longest desire has been to spread education in the nook and corner of the country. He established Hamdard Foundation in 1948 and gradually with sheer hard work expanded the activities for the welfare of people. He established one of the largest educational institutions under the name of Bait-ul-Hikmat. He catered for the needs of young and poor children. He published regularly Hamdard Magazine and Hamdard Naunehal Assembly to groom the future leadership of the country. He established Hamdard Public School, Hamdard Village School and Hamdard University. He established Unani Medicine Factories in Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar. He introduced Hamdard free mobile dispensaries for the poor by now millions of poor people have been benefited and still availing this facility. He collected intellectuals from different field and brought them under one roof under the name of Shura Hamdard in provincial capitals. He was a great physician and distinguished orator. He travelled abroad in many countries and represented as a true messenger of Pakistan. He had the unique distinction of being head of 17 institutions. He represented Pakistan as official ambassador in 27 countries. He produced over 198 books on different subjects. He was a symbol of national unity as he was the preacher of “Love Pakistan-Build Pakistan’ and against all types of bigotry and narrow mindedness. He looked after and served his patients devotedly irrespective of cast and creed without any distinction between rich and poor. He was a great patriot and social reformer. In recognition of his meritorious services rendered to country he was awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz and Nishan-e-Imtiaz
This month has special significance as we are celebrating his 100th anniversary. To remember this great personality a special session of Shura Hamdard was held in Hamdard Head Office Karachi on 28 October under Chairmanship of National Speaker former Chief Justice Shariat Court Justice Haziqul Khairi along with Saadia Rashid National President Hamdard Foundation. The session started with recitation of Holy Quran. Justice Haziqul Khairi requested all the members to offer Fateh for the departed soul.Later on he gave brief introduction of the guest speaker and informed members of Shura Hamdard that due to the special occasion a very learned and renowned personality of Sind Mrs Mahtab Akbar Rashdi Member Standing Committee on Primary Health and Secondary Health, Committee on Government Assurances, Standing Committee on Katchi Abadis, Standing Committee on Energy, a parliamentarian who worked in different positions in government of Sind for over 19 years has been invited as Guest Speaker. Before inviting the guest speaker Justice Haziqul Khairi briefly gave account of Shaheed Hakeem Muhammad Saeed highlighting his love and patriotism for the country and recounted good days spent in his company. Afterwards he invited the chief guest to deliver her speech. At the very outset Mrs Mahtab Akbar Rashhdi said she has been lucky to have been very closely associated with Hakeem Muhammad Saeed for many yars. She broadly highlighted the achievements of Shaheed Hakeem Saeed and talked about his character qualities and his love for education specially children. She recounted many incidents to which she has been an eye witness. While talking about his qualities she described him as a man of strong will and character who never compromised on principles. She made a point we must emulate good deeds of Shaheed and exhibit same zeal and effort in making Pakistan a model state envisaged by Hakeem Saeed on the lines and directions given by the Father of the nation. He was a true Pakistani always seen in forefront pleading the cause of Pakistan. She emphasised about the passion of Hakeem Saeed to build Pakistan in to a model Islamic state, she recalled certain meetings with Hakeem Saeed on different issues specially his deep interest towards children education. The session was heavily attended by Shura Hamdard members who paid glowing tribute to Hakeem Saeed. All the members remembered Hakeem Said’s contribution towards education and desire for building Pakistan. prominent among them were Dr Khalida Ghous, Dr Tanveer, Dr Shakeel ur Rehman Farooqi and Cdre Sadded.Justice Hazikul Khairi thanked the shura members for their active participation on this occasion to meet again. It is not possible to do justice with the person of such a high repute in short time but would like to sum up with a couplet by Dr Allama Iqbal that suits to this noble person.


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