Now or never

Ever since PTI government has come in to power a clear cut policy is missing and affairs are being run on hit and trial. The failures are being attributed to misrule by previous governments. Tall claims made by PTI during election campaign in reforming the country as a whole have fallen flat. The major reason perhaps is lack of majority in the house that compelled PTI to include small parties to form a coalition government. The coalition partners although in small number but their weight is so heavy that their support becomes of paramount importance to run the government as their small u turn can bring an end to the government. Secondly they demand their share out of proportion and the Prime Minister has no choice except to accept their demands. That is the main problem of IK who cannot afford to annoy any one of his coalition partners, if he does that he loses their support and there he goes out. The coalition partners are mostly experienced in the art of politics and therefore PTI stands handicapped. Actually PTI during election was concentrating more on how to come in to power at any cost as a result lost sight of making a good team out of its own members reliance was placed on electable as a result we find fleet of unelected advisors and special assistants who had been serving past masters. There have been frequent changes in top hierarchy and this experimentation did not produce the desired results. There was no shortage of good people but since the home work was not done properly that resulted in frequent u turns ultimately affecting governance.
To have proper control over country affairs following few ministries needed most competent efficient and non controversial ministers, that included Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Information, Finance and Defence. Unfortunately except for foreign affairs rest were all new but due to criticism by media the government came under pressure and started making changes. Since media in Pakistan is very vibrant, vocal and out spoken therefore there was need to appoint a professional mature and well qualified person to head the Ministry of Information and broadcasting. The PM picked up Firdos Ashiq Awan as Special Assistant to head the most important ministry and we have seen how ultimately disgracefully she has been removed on corruption charges, surprisingly it took IK one year to find her traits .Likewise Asad Omar was considered as best choice and wizard of finance but PM forgot that manning a company and managing a country are two different things. Any principal secretary and close special assistant has their own agenda special likings and disliking who do take liberties and take certain decisions without obtaining consent of PM but verbally they discuss and get the nod and take it for granted that PM has agreed. Prime Minister who is overburdened with so much of routine problems avoids in getting in to nitty gitties and is left with no choice except to accept their decisions. As a matter of principle any one irrespective whosoever has been serving past masters on key appointments should not have been given any assignment as their loyalties remain divided. Once you accept the ground reality that nobody is indispensable you will always take right decision. Take the case of PTV the only government channel and real voice of the government, it is still without professional. Efficiency is not measured by retiring or retrenching the lower staff, increase in TV fee but how intelligently government policies are put across and face propaganda by opposition and private TV channels. Recent two hiring’s at huge salary is just not understandable. More competent and experienced people are available, however this remains most neglected important organ of the government
Corona is classical example for those who thought world cannot move without them but received Shut up call from nature and were forced to Stay Home and it was made clear to them that things were moving pretty well in their absence and the world though standstill but keeps moving.
A general perception that establishment is calling shots also adds to many problems. In a democratic set up appointment of retired senior officers puts many questions on the governance of the government. Undoubtedly Pakistan army has prominent role to play in matters of national importance but government has failed to advance convincing argument in their support. Reshuffling in the cabinet has remained regular feature in the past therefore PTI government is no exception but the change should be for betterment and in the larger interest of the state. Unfortunately we continue display system of governance based on experimentation as a result people don’t find any change hence the government has to face criticism.
There is no doubt that change in the information ministry should have taken much earlier not because her performance was bad but she was lacking in quality. Senator Shibli Faraz has replaced her along with additional support of former DG ISPR who is also Chairman CPEC Authority, one can only hope for better results. People in Pakistan and abroad want IK to succeed and like his approach but has no good team, come what may IK has to stand firm, this is the only chance therefore he must succeed, he should remember journey is long he has put his foot on a most difficult path but should not look back it is NOW or NEVER.

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