CPEC making progress

Pakistan clearly said ‘No Compromise’on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project. Itbrings change in the regain. Projects network of roads, railways and energy projects link China’s Xinjiang province with Pakistan Gwadar Port. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a flagship project of the Belt and Road Initiative.
Chairman of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Authority, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information Lt. Gen. (Retd) AsimSaleemBajwa said CPEC is a non-political international project & work for its completion is in progress on a fast pace, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s basic aim is to ensure timely completion of the CPEC projects. Lt. Gen. (Retd) AsimSaleemBajwa is a good choice of Prime Minister of Pakistan. He is professionally diligent, in performing his tasks in quickest and smoothest manner, as per vision envisaged by National Action Plan on priority areas, especially CPEC.
DespiteCOVID-19CPEC is moving at full pace. We see moving fast toward its completion.AsimSaleemBajwa is keenly interested in CPEC & Pakistan development. Many GwadarandCPEC projects started in these days and the work on the 2nd phase of the project is currently under way andCOVID-19 has not stopped progress on the CPEC. Railway ML-1 is high priority mega railway project, which wouldbring big change in country’s development & common people’s lives.
Completion of motorways, the travel distance between both the provincial capital cities will be reduced. CPEC projects are playing an important role in promoting Pakistan’s economic and social development and improving people’s well-being. Gwadar Port will play a vital role in making Pakistan an economic hub of the region. A bright economic future of Pakistan as well as Balochistan lies in Gwadar Port as the deep port is being considered the heart of the CPEC which is a national project. It is in the best interest ofPakistan as well as for other regions.
Hopefully InShaAllahsoon,Khunejrab toGwadarsection will be completed.Itbrings big change in Pakistan’sdevelopment. Both governments have maintained close communication and coordination on of CPEC projects now.
The 2nd phase of CPEC is very important for the development of the country and construction work has been started. Special economic zone,itbrings jobs in Pakistan, special emphasis is on agriculture, industries, trade, and science and technology sectors.
Itis the Government &ChairmanCPEC’shighest priority is to make functional the economic zones in G-B,AJK, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan.
This corridor connects the Chinese city of Kashgar&north Pakistan’s with Gwadar Port on the Arabian Sea.
Twenty thousand Pakistani students will go on scholarships to China. Second phase of the CPEC would focus on industrial cooperation to explore business opportunities in textile, industry, agriculture, science and technology, tourism and other areas.
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor links the ‘Belt & Road’ in the south, and thus becomes the most important feature of the whole strategy, although several other corridors are also part of BRI.
It is believed thatLt. Gen. (Retd) AsimSaleemBajwatakes keen interest that all projects under CPEC therefore it would be completed in a timely manner to achieve the desired goals and set a new example for international cooperation based on common interests, common goals and common future.
CPEC provides unparalleled opening for the landlocked Central Asian Republics & Afghanistan trade as well. Gwadar Port & CPEC provide Afghanistan easy and effective access to the rest of the world. Western route of CPEC in Balochistan will practically be aligned along Pakistan-Iran border.
Potential role of CPEC is a possible avenue between these two sides Gulf Cooperation Council to Central Asian Republics &Afghanistan.

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