Our survival lies in Presidential form of government

Pakistan once again is facing critical situation from which extrication looks difficult. Pakistan is unique country in the world in which drum beating of democracy has remained on the top but nobody tried to understand the spirit of real democracy. After the death of Founder of Pakistan and assassination of Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan all successive governments talked much about democracy but made no effort to strengthen it. Democracy is used as tool to come to power and after that so called lovers of democracy behave worst than dictators. Unfortunately we are back to independence era. Here democracy means everyone is free to do anything , law makers are the law breakers, law is applied on poor only, free to make any statement, advise others to work but no work for ourselves, loot and plunder without any fear of law and accountability, oblige friends and relatives on high profile jobs, provide shelter to criminals, create difficulties for honest people, make false promises to voters to get votes, announcing various schemes before elections and after winning elections abandon the schemes, putting people in jails but for self to avail VIP facilities, take loans and get them written off where as for poor no loans without collatrol, no school for poor but for self send children abroad for higher education, construct huge palaces but for poor make huts without basic facilities, arrange panadol for poor but for self go abroad for treatment at state expense, no clean water for poor but for self drink mineral water, draw huge salaries and pensions, kill people and get away, the list is unending In nut shell this is what democracy is being practiced in Pakistan. In democracy all are to be treated alike, this can never happen in Pakistan because democracy has created many mafias who control everything in Pakistan. Democracy has given us three martial laws and five dismissals of governments. It is seldom that single party gets majority therefore they have to rely on smaller groups to form the government. In any coalition government the smaller parties blackmail the PM and threaten to leave the government therefore to save the government all illegal demands are accepted. In democracy there is no stability and no check on corruption but when there is presidential form, it allows him to complete his term of office provides stability and the continuity of the policies and projects undertaken. He can pick up the best people as ministers, with proper check and balances no one can indulge in corruption. Ministers can be fired at any time who fails to deliver. He can use his discretion and over rule anybody in the larger interest of state. He cannot be removed because he is elected directly by the people. Overall expense will reduce tremendously as there will be no fleet of ministers and advisers at the centre as well as in the provinces. There is a big reason behind parliamentary system it provides unlimited privileges to members without doing work and each one of them consider him above the law. The greatest advantage in presidential form is there cannot be any no confidence vote, no threat of any kind to president he is free to take any action. This system also suits our industrialists to gain benefits as they are all linked with the politicians.
75 years has given us instability, hatred, fragmentation, our leaders have indulged in massive corruption loot and plunder. Majority of the past rulers have purchased properties outside Pakistan through ill gotten money. The parliamentary democracy has not been able to provide clean drinking water the basic necessity of people of all segments of society. It is time we dispense with this type of democracy and hold referendum and reach out to people to decide which form suits us better. Our politicians reject this system and are against on the plea that Presidential form of system has also been tried in Pakistan and it did not work. It is wrong to say that we had presidential form of government because they were all dictators and the system died its own death after their departure. Even otherwise presidential form of government provides checks and balances, quick and decisive decisions can control abuse of power that has become fashion in parliamentary form of government. President can provide stability strength to state without any fear where as prime minister can be thrown out at anytime. It must be stated categorically the first and foremost duty of each citizen is to protect the country, rest whether we have democracy, dictatorship, constitution look good if the country is safe, therefore priority is how to save the country. We have seen grand tamsha of democracy members selling their votes to support a particular candidate but in presidential form horse trading cannot take place therefore it is time we do away with parliamentary form of government which has been turned in to note making machine. All major powers have presidential form of government. At present we have one politician Imran Khan who is scrupulously honest dedicated and fit to e president, he is fighting different mafias single handedly so let us support him.

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