Over 10,000 Hajj pilgrims arrive in Madina

ISLAMABAD: Over 10 thousand Hajj pilgrims have so far been reached to Madina Munawwara, the Holy city Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
According to reports from the Holy city of Madina that over two thousand Pilgrims will arrive to Madina Sunday.
A large number of Hajj pilgrims, after their arrival, visited Masjid Nabavi (SAAW) and offered Nawafil and recited Quraan, Wazaif.
They also paid rich tribute to the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muammad Sallahu Alaihe wa Alehi Wasallam Khatam Al Nabiyyeen. People in large number thronged the Haram during Fajr, Duhar, Isha and Asr.
The Haram Rasool, well known as “Riad-ul-Jannah” is open for only those hujjaj who got permission to enter through Saudi App “Eatmarna” to offer nawafil at this Holy place.
The Bab-e-Salam (the front gate of the holy shrine) is being opened after Asr, Maghrib for men and After Isha for women pilgrims.
The Ministry of Religious Affairs has deployed number of moawaneen for assistance and guidance of Hajj Pilgrim in Makkah, Madina city and airports of both cities and Jaddah.
The Ministry arranged residence in Markazia very close to the Haram in Madina as Pakistan Hajj Mission in Saudi Arabia made concerted efforts to acquire residences for intending pilgrims very close to the Haram to prevent their physical fatigue.
The caterers of Madina have been hired to provide hygienic food to intending pilgrims at their respective residences.
A State-of-the-art Hajj mission Hospital with the capacity of 15-20, set up in Madina, is providing health facilities to Hajj Pilgrims under Hajj medical mission. Doctors and other paramedical staff are providing service round the clock.
According to Spokesperson of Religious Ministry Muhammad Umar Butt, all dispensaries have also been activated in residential sectors and Saudi airports.
Meanwhile, at least 10000 Pakistani pilgrims were flown to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj pilgrimage, since the start of a pre-Hajj flight operation on June 6.
The first Hajj flight carrying Pakistani pilgrims departed from Islamabad on June 6. Pakistan will operate 42 flights to transport 14,007 Hajj pilgrims to Saudi Arabia under the “Road to Makkah” initiative this year.
Pakistan has been allotted a quota of 81,132 pilgrims for this year’s Hajj, with 32,000 people using a government scheme and 48,000 traveling through private operators.
Hajj pilgrims are also being informed about the flights through the website and SMS on their mobile numbers, said spokesperson.
The religious ministry has urged all Hajj pilgrims not to enter the premises of Riaz-ul-Jannah without prior permission from Saudi authorities. – NNI