Pak-China diplomatic ties; a friend in need is a friend indeed

China and Pakistan have had a strong diplomatic relation since their establishment of diplomatic ties on 21 May, 1951. The diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China are historically, unique close and friendly and very famous as an all-weather friend. In present world politics relations between two countries is based on personal benefits but criteria of friendship are unique. Pak-China diplomatic relations are considered to be one of the strongest and most reliable bilateral relationship in the international politics. Unique, beautiful and 8th wondered of the world KKH played very important role to improve the people to people connectivity. KKH connected Pakistan and China through the Karakoram mountain range and provided very important land link between two countries.
After 1962 China and India border war changed the regional politics credit goes to common opposition both countries increased military cooperation of India and USA love triangle. China helped Pakistan in 1965 and 1971 war. China supported Pakistan during the Bangladesh Liberation war and Indian military intervention but China maintained its policy of non-interfere in the affairs of other state. But after 1971 war both countries signed many agreements in Defense cooperation and economic cooperation. Two countries have a history of military ties both cooperative with each other in various forms of cooperation such as joint military exercises defense technology and defense procurement. China has been a major supplier of military equipment to Pakistan 1966 to till present. After 1962 China and Pakistan not only focus on defense cooperation the main focus of China and Pakistan is economic development both state established strong trade and economic ties. China is largest trade partner like CPEC is big example of economic cooperation. CPEC is a flagship project under China Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to connect Gwadar port in Southeastern Pakistan to China Northwestern region of Xinjiang through a network of highways, railways and pipelines. Because of China milestone project Pakistan significantly boost Pakistan economy and create job opportunities. China has supported Pakistan diplomatically on various regional and international issues. After 5th August 2019 China has opposed India revocation of Article 370 and 35A in Kashmir and has supported Pakistan position on the issue. China has provided humanitarian assistance to Pakistan during natural disasters such as 2005 Earthquake, 2010 floods and recent 2022 flood peoples of China and government of China provided significant aid and assistance to the affected area. Government of China, people of China and China embassy Islamabad actively donated materials and money to most destroy area of Pakistan in 2022 flood. China delivered 45000 tents, 50,000 blankets, and 50,000 pieces of waterproof canvas to the victim. Today China to boycott G-20 meet in Kashmir, China calls it disputed region. India has a plan to host the G20 summit from 22May to 24 May in IIOK. China position on the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan. Kashmir dispute remains a complex and sensitive issue and China view point is very clear regarding IIOK. True friend of Pakistan support geopolitically and geo-strategically. China played an important role in the development of Pakistan nuclear program. China has often defended Pakistan interests and supported its stance on issues such as Indian terrorist activity and Kashmir dispute. China has also been instrumental in blocking or diluting resolutions against Pakistan in international organization. China sees Pakistan as an important partner in its efforts to expand its geopolitical influence, maintain stability in the region, and secure its economic and energy interests. In April 2023 a batch of over 200 Pakistani nationals have arrived in Jeddah from Sudan aboard the Chinese navy vessel Weishanhu. From time to time we always stand together in times of difficult situation.
Long Live China-Pakistan Friendship