Pakistan faces international hybrid war: Sh Rashid Ahmed


RAWALPINDI: Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said that Pakistan is facing an unannounced international hybrid war by the elements who want to destabilise Islamabad’s relations with Beijing and Kabul.
Talking to the media persons on Tuesday, the interior minister said, “We will foil the nefarious designs prepared by enemies and Pakistan will continue its journey towards development under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.”
He said during investigation of the incident that occurred with the daughter of Afghan ambassador in Islamabad, it has been proved that this incident was not abduction or kidnapping. He termed the incident a conspiracy to defame Pakistan.
He said that Islamabad police have reviewed over 700 hours of footage of 300 cameras installed on the travelling route of Afghan ambassador’s daughter while interviewing over 200 citizens.
He said that all four taxi drivers have no criminal record. He said that Afghan ambassador should join the investigation process for the logical conclusion of the case as the FIR was lodged on his application.
He said that Pakistan is a responsible country and full security is being provided to all foreign diplomats in the country.
Referring to the Dasu incident, the interior minister said that Chinese government has expressed satisfaction over the investigation being carried out by Pakistan to find out culprits.
However, he said, “India is trying to reshape the narrative and is trying to create misunderstanding between China and Pakistan. World powers do not want Pakistan and China’s relations to be strong. The unannounced hybrid war against Pakistan is being intensified as Imran Khan is an emerging leader of the Muslim Ummah.”
The minister pointed out the events ahead of which the latest attacks in the country were carried out. “The Johar Town blast took place a day before the FATF meeting, while the Dasu incident took place before the GCC [China-Gulf Cooperation Council] meeting, whereas the incident of the daughter of the Afghan ambassador’s took place before the Afghan conference.”
He said the attacks were a conspiracy to make the world think that there was a problem of law and order in Pakistan. “Hybrid warfare against the country would intensify in coming days,” the interior minister stated.
Rashid said that peace in Afghanistan is necessary for peace in Pakistan and Islamabad will continue its efforts to establish peace in Afghanistan without interfering into the internal affairs of Afghanistan. He said that Pakistan will accept any decision taken by the Afghans about their affairs.
Earlier on Monday, addressing a news conference along with Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf, the capital’s police chief said that the evidence that the police gathered doesn’t corroborate with what the ambassador’s daughter, Selsela Alikhil, stated in her complaint.
“Our investigation is almost complete,” Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Qazi Jameelur Rehman said. “The impression that came in the meanwhile [abduction and assault] does not match our evidence.” – TLTP