Pakistan & Turkey are enjoying exemplary relations from decades

PESHAWAR: Pakistan & Turkey relations enjoys very cordial friendship and relation goes date back generations before the establishment of the two states, to further enhance peoples to peoples interactive relations, a Pak-Turk Friendship Association formed and shortly a proper launching ceremony will be held, this was stated by Salim Saifullah Khan, Honorary Consul-General of Turkey while talking with group of students of University of Peshawar lead by Muhammad Abbas Jehan including Aiman Bashir, Umar Khan & Ms. Laraib Farhat, says a Press release.
The visiting Students brief Turkish Honorary Consul General Salim Saifullah than about proposed Pak-Turkey Youth Club (PTYC) under the auspicious of Community Services Programme University of Peshawar for further strengthening Pakistan and Turkey relations in education, cultural and establishment of Research Institute.
Salim Saifullah Khan appreciate the idea and offer all possible support to the cause and advise the visiting Students to further work on the modalities on order to achieve the desired results and taken these relations to new heights of understanding each other.
Salim Saifullah Khan while appreciating the initiative of visiting Students, advised for more organized efforts. There are many opportunities for collaboration between the two brotherly nations. All opportunities can be explored by improving people to people contacts, intellectuals, academicians, traders and industrialist of the two countries. Media can play even more important role to bridge the both sides. Hope, the fruits of these interactions will be trickled down and people of two nations will be end beneficiary.

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