Pelosi visit to Taiwan risks colossal damage on all fronts

Taiwan risks colossal damage

American House of Representative Nancy Pelosi provocative visit to Taiwan on military aircraft has put the White House in delicate straits of diplomacy with China. United States in 1979 while recognizing the China had stated that the government of the People’s Republic of China was “the sole legal Government of China,” acknowledging the Chinese justified position that Taiwan was part of China. The “one China” policy has subsequently been reaffirmed by every new regime of U.S. administration since 1979.
China categorically has warned United States “not to play with fire” on Taiwan. China latest emerging position both as economic and military “super power” has badly terrified USA that china soon might replace it from global power structure.
USA cunningly playing with “Taiwan card” to contain China which is a strongest state of the world and seems to overtaken US both militarily and economically. Washington obsession to keep intact its economic superiority and strategic hegemony on the world is steadily pushing the globe towards an inevitable disastrous future war.
The visit of Nancy Pelosi indeed is a gross violation of “one China” principle which was even recognized by United Nation in 1971. USA confrontational strategy to treat China as adversary rather than competitor is worsening the already strained relations between the two superpowers. Nancy Pelosi visit has clearly defied basic international norms of governing international relations which has seriously endangered peace and stability across the world. Indeed, US. House of Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi instigative nature of visit to Taiwan is like throwing challenge to China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Taiwan is the integral part or jugular vein of China and no state of the world according to international law is allowed to meddle or interfere in the internal matters of China by violating its world recognized legal “”one China” principle.
Pelosi’s visit has triggered a deep and aggressive geopolitical crisis with severe repercussions to threaten regional and global peace and stability. Pelosi visit is viewed as United States unilateral efforts to change the status quo contradicting its long standing commitment of “one China” policy as well as Pelosi trip to Taiwan has more resonance revealing that U.S-China ties have reached new lows.
USA foreign policy is based on hegemonic designs to rule and control the entire world as if “Americans militarism need something to fight for until they find someone to find against.” US self-sabotaging action or reckless approach of Taiwan’s visit will ultimately lead towards bloc politics inflicting devastating consequences to compel the allies to take firm actions.
The unscrupulous and futile visit of Pelosi is a blatant attempt to attack China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity though rhetorically USA advocates human rights, democracy, national interests and sovereignty of other nations and declare itself the “champion of human rights” but practically and habitually United States violates the human rights, national interests, sovereignty of other nations of the world in wilful and vicious manner. The world still cherish the pain of US atrocities in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Vietnam etc. USA has spent more than 8.4 trillion dollars in launching wars on other states in the pretext of so called terrorists activities or presence of the weapons of the mass of destructions which has caused 901,000 casualties of precious human lives.US deliberately launches military operations to subvert those states which it assumes are “anti-USA leading to regional turbulence and severe humanitarian disaster. USA unnecessarily attack on other nation’s religious beliefs and ideologies by imposing unilateral economic sanctions to pressurize them to succumb before its undue demands of “do more.”
The double standards of United States regarding the violation of basic human rights and sovereignty of other states has a long and notorious history per its hegemonic national interests and has fully exposed bankruptcy of US politics before the entire world.
Nancy Pelosi visit has badly affected the credibility of USA for violating one-China principle which is a norm universally recognized by the international community for decades and should have been adhered by the Washington as well.
USA double-dealing and gross interference in China’s internal affairshas sparked worldwide uproar and every state of the world is condemning and terming her trip as an irresponsible path of increasing tension with China.
China shown maximum restraint over the reckless, irresponsible and irrational visit of Pelosi to Taiwan to support separatists. Though, US time and again proving itself as biggest trouble maker and saboteur of international peace and stability.
China only taking defensive countermeasures against Pelosi trip to Taiwan to resist and curtail US rogue and extremely irrational behavior of undermining peace and stability of the region otherwise all provisions of international law regarding territorial integrity will merely become “meaningless” words on a piece of paper which comes in action only to victimize the weaker states of the world and Pelosi’s visit shows that the United States totally disregards principles and international law.China has every right according to the international law to respond against the breach of this law by United States. PLA has launched large scale grills around the island to attain desired results.
Taiwan has always been China’s territory and Pelosi Taiwan visit has reinforced people’s determination to achieve China’s reunification now at any cost to resist the miscreant elements like USA to play any wilful card against the core interest of China.
Dr. Sun Yat Sen said” unification is the hope of all Chinese people. If China can be unified all Chinese will enjoy a happy life. If it cannot, all will suffer.”
Taiwan should learn from recent Ukraine crisis as United States has a history of breaching and ditching its allies in crisis. Just quoting Ukraine President words President Volodymyr Zelenskyy criticized Western nations for not coming to Ukraine’s aid, said his country has been left alone to fight the invading Russian forces.
Renowned international relations analysts apprehends Pelosi visit to Taiwan will unleash 3rd world war as world been pushed into modern cold war era as United States arrogance and disregard for other nations sovereignty only rise tensions across the globe. The escalation of China-USA conflict will have horrible human and economic consequences. slot