People must learn to live with COVID-19


Covid-19 is now become an integralpart of our day to day life, it entered very silently carrying abundance of convoluted and muddledtraits. Ironically discerns this virus willnever secede so simplyuntil and unlessit may not gulpsomething exorbitant and cherished of our life. Most of the doctors and related Institutions are confess and acquiesced on this fact,perhapspandemic of coronavirus will remain among humans for a protracted period of time till their worthy endeavours becomelucrative andtheymanage to quest some appropriate remedy of this deleterious disease. Albeit,in this regard the course of research and investigation across the world is going on very diligentlyand by & large it may be possible that their finding could bring some sudden and delightful change in the prevailing uncertainty of the globalenvironment.
We can notice abundance of fable and some truly sincereadvices and proposals on the social, electronic and print media. Nevertheless it is challengingand arduous game of understanding theintentions and targets of such segments of our society. For better understanding and how to live with Covid-19 here I quote some factsabout how to protect ourselves from the detrimental virus written by Dr. Faheem Younus an expert of this specific subject working in University of Maryland in USA as head of the infectious disease Clinic. He writes that we have to live with Covid-19 for months let’s not deny it or become unnecessary panic. Dr. Faheemis of the view and said let us learn to be happy and live with prevailing facts. According to his prospective coronavirus will never mitigate it iseffects in the upcoming summer.Giving the example of Brazil and Argentina he writes it is the season of summer there instead alleviation the pandemic diseaseeffectingmore people & spreading out rapidly. He claims that any individual suffering this disease cannot destroy the virus once penetrated in the cells by drinking plenty of water or alike any other therapy. He urges that it is mandatory to wash hands and ensure to keep physical distance of minimum 1.8 meters,he alludes these are the best methods of protecting yourself from the virulent virus of this kind.
Moreover, he writes that if all the members of your family luckily still out of infected from coronavirus there is no required to make efforts to disinfect the surface and precinct of your house.Further the Doctor suggests that Cargo packages, petrol pumps, shopping carts and ATMs never become cause of infection,he says wash your hands properly and live your life as normal.He also mentioned there is no proof of documented risk of Covid-19 being transmitted by ordering food.It is also fact that sauna doesn’t kill the Virus once that had penetrated the human cell. There is possibility among some personals owing to allergies and other viral infections can cause losing power of smell this is nonspecific symptom for Covid-19. Giving his comment he said after visiting any public place once we get interred into home nothing needto change our apparel and take a shower in hurry, however it is better for everyone to remain away from effects of paranoia.
He explainedthat coronavirus doesn’t exist in the air, however it is a virus of drip infection and to communicate it required close contact with each other,the doctor suggested that atmosphere is completely clean from the pandemic, it is prerequisite for restof the segments of societykeeping the physical distance from oneanother can stroll in the parks and gardens. It is sufficient to use normal soap for washing hands to remove this virus and not required to use antibacterial soap ergo it is virus not bacteria. Never worry about your food supplement if you intend you can heat it up on your available resource of heating. The main source of bringing virus into your home is your shoes and prior to enter your dwelling it is mandatoryto make sure that your shoes are already been disinfected. By Drinking/eating or inhaling vinegar, sumac, soda and ginger or adopting any other alike therapy one himself cannot protect from the virus. Wearing gloves is also an erroneous suggestion the virus can accumulate on the gloves and in case of touching face can easily be transmitted to your body. Therefor best remedy is washing hands. This doctor is working against viruses for 20 consecutive years so he claims that if we follow the aforementioned instruction drip infections never spread among people.Besides, this some experts of same category recounts that few things are still under investigation to explain and new findings may change the present prospective of preventive measures.
Apartfrom all the above facts it is an admirable tiding the people of GB (Gilgit Baltistan) succeeded to deter and smoother hast separation of corona disease in the region. The segments of the society strictly abiding the required measures of lockdown across the GB.Albeit,in this respect the local segments of communities open heartedly cooperated & welcomed the community organizations, local leaders, voluntaries and government authorities. Their consistent day and night efforts make them enabled to prevent many of the areas from the virulent disease and by the blessing of omnipotent some of the areas arecompletely free from covid-19.
It is worth mentioning that people coming from outside of GB without any discrimination essentially required to go through the period of 14 days in quarantine.The stakeholders at their best ensuring self-isolation and physical distancing of the people of the rest of the GB and strictly caring by supply of essential food items to the people sitting in the quarantine centres. Even abundance of household and edible items are also supplied to effected outskirt and ambit areas of GB. In the above whole proses thesestakeholders rest assuring the community ownership in the decision making collaboration, coordination and combined and individual level endeavours to curb all sorts’of issues and problems come on their way owing to the pandemic disease.Gropingvirus effected peoples in the outskirt and craggy mountainous region and ensure their quarantine including timely and proper treatment and supply of essential food items to suffering people is certainly a quiet tiring task, thus such effort of persistent volunteers significantly created a potent trust among the masses which ensures success to control the disease in GB. It is suggested for better results the administrations of other provinces should also adopt the working style and experiences of GB people.

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