People were right when houses were raw

If the sayings are short but meaningful and detailed discussion makes it easy for a person to understand. It is true that at such and such a time such and such person uttered this saying among the people in a crowded party. Today, the same scene is passing through our eyes. In fact, if we look at some sayings and think for some time, strange things happen sometimes.
Implementing a small proverb helps to avoid a big unpleasant incident. Now let’s read something about this one proverb. Twenty years ago due to lack of cash, even a child used to spend two rupees. In rural life, instead of paying for a papad or toffee for two rupees, the parents used to try to get the child to be satisfied by stealing a desi egg or desi ghee or buttermilk, but without asking for two rupees, the child became a little angry. If he or she is stubborn, the parents used to offer to feed him/her pakora-pratha or shawarma ten or twenty rupees is not a problem.
In the past, a neighbor or a relative of his or her elder brother used to scold a child or even beat him up for some rudeness or mischief. If you touch someone’s child under the same roof, it is certain that “crows” will start like crows in the house. She used to bring it in such a way that it is taken from the pot of her own house. I am not asked from anyone’s house (even though they are all my cousins in the neighborhood).
Till 20 years ago, children used to get married at the behest of their parents. She used to respect her husband. Today, twenty years later, in the modern literate age, Kanga seems to be reversed in this matter and the husband is found secretly saying, “Don’t be angry with me…don’t listen to me” twenty years ago. Even illiterate people used to be employed in one place or another.
Today, people who are well-educated often look unemployed. The whole reason is not only government unemployment but also ‘hudd haraam’. Didn’t hear that you have to eat bread? On the contrary, after offering food in front of them, it was said, “Wash your hands and eat the bread.”
If someone’s patient was in the hospital, people would go to the hospital to take care of him, then they would go to the hospital after cooking food and also take some milk from his house. Just take a bottle from the bazaar or a box of juice or some degree of fruit etc. There is a lot of detail. We were full of purity. What a wonderful way to screw people over. Then people were right…when the houses were raw. slot pulsa slot slot online slot88