PMA urges the need of database demanded to protect children rights

Staff Reporter

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) demanded from the government to form a database that will be enabled to take preventive measures and policy framework for protecting children rights during a press conference here on Saturday at PMA house Karachi.
Dr Abdul Ghafoor Shoro, general secretary of the PMA’s Karachi chapter said that there was a resolution passed at our meeting held at Abbottabad, which highlighted the physical, sexual and mental abuse that the students of our educational institutions are subjected to. It is a very concerning matter, which has left our children in a vulnerable condition.
Protection of children is the state responsibility ensured in the Constitution of Pakistan. Forty per cent of our population is under the age of 15 having the right to get basic education, which is a human right but here children under five years of age are also abused so that they become mental ill.
Dr Aisha Mehnaz, a pediatrician at Hillpark General Hospital, said that there are too many cases that we treat in hospitals that are so severe but difficult to discuss them. These cases are brought by non-governmental organisations and there is no justice in punishing the culprits.
Dr Mirza Azhar Ali, president of PMA’s Sindh chapter, said that it is the poorest of the poor who also send off their children to study in madressahs to fulfil their basic needs such as that of food and clothing but if something happened wrong the parents and the victim are silent due ill judicial system. It;s our foremost right to protect our children.

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