Poor Balochistan And Rich Officials


Balochistan’s poor people and its wealthy officials

What is the real problem of Balochistan? Why is it that there have been four rebellions in Balochistan during the last seventy years? What is the reason that the province which meets most of the gas needs of Pakistan is deprived of this facility.

The province which supplies 60% of the coal requirements and produces 90% of the onyx stone, where millions of tons of copper are buried in the ground, which is the longest coastal province, 70% of the small population is from the land. A little above but living below the poverty line?

What is the problem of Balochistan? Are the demands made by the Baloch nation correct or the accusations against the Baloch nationalists? How is Gwadar port benefiting the local Baloch or those coming from outside? Does the province need more military cantonments or not? What do you think is the main problem of Balochistan and how can it be solved?

In this regard, a political and social forum had discussed several years ago, the views of which are listed below.

Javed Haider, Netherlands: Baloch people should fight for the betterment of education, health and other resources, not for a few posts in Gwadar. Because in this effort it will happen that instead of the common man getting the position, few friends of the Sardar will get the position. In Pakistan, Sardar, Malik, Chowdhury, establishment and politicians have captured the rights of the poor.

The operation took place, the operation took place in the Frontier Province and now I have come to know that the military operation is also taking place in Balochistan. But this is not the first time in Balochistan.

The important thing is that there was never a military operation in Punjab. I think there is a need for an operation within the army in Islamabad now.

Faisal Ghazizai, Karachi: The problem of Balochistan is that there has been deprivation for seventy years. Gwadar port can be built but no polytechnic center can be built. How many colleges are there in Balochistan, how many universities are there? Has Allah given the ability to give birth to intelligent children only to the mothers of Karachi and Punjab?

Shakeel Akhtar, Pakistan: I do not understand why the BBC selects only such topics, in which the Pakistan Army can be drawn. I have never seen any topic discussed in which credit goes to General Musharraf or the Army, for example close ties with South America, Baglihar Dam’s bold stand, etc.

Beneesh Siddiqa, Nazimabad: Jo in Balochistan. Whatever is happening is happening because of the army. It was this army that made two parts of Pakistan and now preparations are being made to make it three Today everyone believes that the Bengalis were not traitors, they did not get their right, so they took the ghee out of their crooked fingers. Why did the army not understand this at that time? We have not learned any lesson from history.

Imran Khan Mengal, Nushki: Even after 57 years of independence, we all Baloch are slaves of Islamabad and Pakistani forces. Our situation is similar to that of Kashmiris, Iraqis and Palestinians.

Riyaz Farooqui, Karachi & Muhammad Nisar Khan, America: All this is happening because none of us are following Islam and these problems will continue until Until we don’t follow Islam properly.

Aamir Mastoi, Pakistan: As long as you keep calling them Balochi instead of Pakistani, this will continue to happen. The government should fulfill their legitimate needs. Love is needed, all problems will be solved by themselves.

Abdul Salam Baloch, Germany: First of all I am thankful to BBC Urdu.com for bringing the problems of Baloch nation to the fore through media. There have been many such incidents in the past but they were always buried due to lack of media coverage. I warn the Pakistan Army, Punjab and the people in power to stop threatening the Baloch nation like this.

And we remember our past No need to induce. Every member of the Baloch nation remembers everything and today’s Baloch is a very mature, intelligent and upstanding human being and is able to fully respond to any kind of action.

Shams Latif Khan, Kuwait: First of all the government. The local people there should realize the benefits of natural resources, mines and gas and then sell them to other consumers.

Mubasher Aziz, Germany: If Sardars are eliminated in Balochistan, ninety percent of the problems will be solved. will go. If these rascals who flaunt their leadership in the name of the rights of Balochistan are eliminated by the army, only then will the poor man benefit, otherwise the poor people of Balochistan will always remain poor and the Sardar will never become royalty in the name of the rights of this small province. They will eat and sometimes get positions.

Syed Hussain, USA: Balochistan chieftains do not want development in this province because it will cause them to lose their state and government. These people are against army cantonments in Balochistan. Here the question arises that why is it so? If they’re not doing anything wrong there, they shouldn’t mind.

There are army cantonments in cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and people have no complaints, so why only these people have problems? The answer is simple that those chiefs don’t want the people there to develop and they want them to always be their slaves like their ancestors.

Zeeshan Tariq, Sialkot, Pakistan: The chiefs of Baluchistan are only exploiting the poor people for their own benefit. They play with their lives and for their financial interest, they have always succeeded by supporting the poor people. Above and below are the points made during a debate on a political forum of BBC in 2005 that poverty in Balochistan.

Backwardness and lack of health and educational facilities are the major figures of the same province It is very sad that most of the districts of the gas-producing province are deprived of this natural blessing. It is owned by the big and influential people who spend the money to fight their elections, all of them sell the natural resources of this province and eat the rights of the poor people when they come to power. The surprising thing is this.

That there are members in the assembly of Balochistan who after success have gone to those who got or gave their votes and did not care about their education and health facilities, that is because apart from public opinion in Balochistan at the national level. As soon as they reward the influential people of their province, they put all the rights of their province at their expense, pushing their province towards backwardness and poverty with their own efforts.

Here in Balochistan, from local government to general elections, the stage is rich and powerful. And because of the recommendations, even the poor are paralyzed by their right to exercise their constitutional right to vote. If the government does not have authority, then it is a bad thing that the health budget is distributed on the basis of strength and recommendations instead of merit. They seem to be deprived of most of the facilities of life and they have been divided into small villages due to the national leaders. Even after seventy years, there is no such leader who can continue to serve the people without discrimination, let alone a big one.

The reason is that the Kalashnikov culture is so common in Balochistan that there is a group of armed men behind the Nawab Sardar of every nation, which is also an easy formula to seize the land and property of the poor and helpless. That the people of most of the districts of Balochistan cannot raise their voice for their rights because the leaders of all the nations have created a page of war between their nations which they nurture day by day. In the circumstances, education, health and life must be paralyzed and the people are forced to leave.

Due to unemployment, they follow the footsteps of their tribal leaders and live under their shadow. In this way, due to problems, people are dispersed and deprived of colleges, universities and other necessary facilities. They consider it a blessing to perform their duties.

Due to these factors and policies, poverty, backwardness, old grudges, chaos, etc. remain in Balochistan. Instead of collectivism, the government of every era has preferred individuality in Balochistan.

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