Post-Cold war hawkish ideological production of smear campaign against Xinjiang


The new world order of so called unipolar world dominated by USA hegemony as world’s only super power after the demise of cold war. Samuel P. Huntington American foreign politics scientist whole “thesis” emphasized upon the one point and i.e. future wars which according to him will be fought among the civilizations, cultures and religions rather than countries in the post-cold war era. Huntington thesis became the pivotal part of stereotypical, controversial and provocative USA foreign policy to determine and reshape “new world order” smashing Muslims, Islamic and non-western ideologies.
But, ironically one gets shocked looking at the hype of unprecedented sympathy of the USA and western world towards Xinjiang’s Muslims plight. The USA national security strategy wants to maintain its supremacy as the world’s only superpower by containing China’s economic and military rise. The hype of weaponizing the so-called “human rights” issue in Xinjiang by the USA and its allied western world is nothing but a counter strategy to undermine China, the only geostrategic rival of USA hegemony on the world’s stage. The smearing propaganda of USA about so called Muslims genocide or human rights violation or crimes against humanity is just an arsenal to control China. USA, EU and the western world hurling baseless accusations against China over maltreatment on Muslims Uyghur minorities living in Xinjiang whereas the matter of fact is that people of all ethnic groups in the region enjoy immense peace, security, stability, religious harmony and prosperity.
China established peace in Xinjiang through its stern counter terrorism measures which are in line with the principles and spirit of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and other counter-terrorism resolutions like world see the community corrections in the US, the Desistance and Disengagement Programme (DDP) in the UK, and the deradicalization centers in France. All of them are globally recognized and effective measures to prevent or counter-terrorism or deradicalization efforts to rectify the fanatic or fundamentalist approach of a religious community out of misguided notions by extremist elements who usually are foreign actors/tools to destabilize a particular region to attain certain heinous motives. Xinjiang has won stability and peace with its rigid policies as miscreant elements and fanatics were working on foreign agenda.
All such measures have successfully helped curbing the frequent occurrence of terrorist activities and guaranteed the safety of people from all ethnic groups living in Xinjiang, According to the China’s national census data the Uygur Muslim population growth in Xinjiang increased from 3.6 million in 1953 to about 11.62 million in 2020 which is enough to prove the absurdity of the United States and western classic disinformation against China as Biden administration declares China as its only competitor while secretary of state Anthony Blinken also declares China as the only country to reshape the international order due to its enhanced diplomatic, military, technological and economic power which illustrates USA growing fears and apprehensions. While China firmly believes in upholding the international law and system under the UN and doesn’t believe in posing any challenge to international order, such kind of statements are mere voluminous in nature.
The western and USA obsession of containing China’s status has turned them so insane that they don’t even hesitate in exaggeration, distortion of facts and figures and concocted allegations of ethnic tensions in Xinjiang via widespread lies of “human rights” violations against ethnic minorities. The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act has become law in the USA to mount pressure to interfere in China’s internal affairs and distract the prosperity, development and progress of Xinjiang and the whole of China under the pretense of human rights. To manipulate the opinion of international public opinion against China on Uyghur human rights issues, western and Washington counties and their media outlets have simply turned into an “accusation industry” by deliberately amplifying and fabricating “evidence” regardless of ground realities. No mosque in Xinjiang demolished and Islam is spreading peacefully and there are 24,400 mosques in Xinjiang.
Truth always speaks louder than the words. Over the past 60 years, average life expectancy in Xinjiang has increased from 30 to 72, and gross domestic output has expanded by over 200 times, with per capita GDP growing by nearly 40 times and 25% increase in population of Uyghur population which is 2% higher than Han population.
Interestingly, when United States hurls allegations against China it forgets to mention its double standards of being involved in severe racial discrimination and human rights abuses against Black and Muslim communities. The US is the target of racial bullying, as COVID-19 epidemic spiraled out of control in the US and killed more than 500,000 Americans due to the US government’s reckless attitude. Approximately 41,500 people were killed in shooting incidents across the US in a year. The US government issued a Muslim ban for Muslim-majority countries and deliberately avoided approach to cope with soaring hate crimes against Muslims after the preplanned or so called 9/11 terror attacks. How Islamic countries forget the pain and agony when Muslim-majority country bombed by the US while invading Afghanistan, Iraq killing hundreds of thousands of people who were displaced from their native countries under the ashes of war. US brutal history of atrocities in Vietnam and Japan depicts legacies of U.S war crimes which are quite heart wrenching and testimony of the truth that Washington only raises its voice on the pretext of human rights violation when it serves its selfish and nefarious national interests. Destabilization of China and Islamic world is a motive of consistent American national foreign policy per imposed “new world order”.
The series of baseless and biased western world and international media stories sponsored by USA to smear and attack Xinjiang’s counter-terrorism and deradicalization efforts are truly pathetic as China very effectively contained religious extremism and laid a good foundation for completely solving the deeply rooted problems that affect the region’s long-term stability.
Ethnic minority employees from Xinjiang are part and parcel of the country’s labor force and economy. They have the rights to be employed, sign labor contracts, obtain labor remunerations, take rest, fringe benefits and vacations, acquire labor safety and health protection, and enjoy social insurance and welfare as prescribed by China’s law. They have the freedom of right to choose their occupation. Their personal freedom has never been restricted but imposing unilateral sanctions on China for so-called human rights violations in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has restricted some international retail giants including H&M and Nike not to source cotton from the region which is a brutal attempt to destroy the livelihoods of about 7 million farmers engaged in the cotton industry in the region by boycotting the cotton produced there. The United States law of “force labor” is a blatant excuse and tool of unfair trade restrictions to ban imports of cotton and tomatoes products from Xinjiang under “slave labor” tomatoes and textile products so that tomatoes and cotton are left rotting in Xining’s fields. Such ridiculous and illogical sanctions are a slap on the face of “human rights” itself. The arguments on human rights abuses are to promote hawkish policies of the USA under pro-Cold War, ideology production. Thus, the smear campaign of EU countries and USA about Xinjiang is nothing but a continuation of policies that are aligned with its own preferred biased narrative.
China firmly believes in non-aggression policies. It resolutely respects human rights and committed to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity by pursuing policy of noninterference in the internal affairs of other countries and hence by all means is the most peace loving country of the world.

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