Three-prong attack and our response

Country is under the grip of audio leaks from Prime Ministers office (PMO) that has virtually shaken the government. This is age old practice to tap conversations of selected targets and is not restricted to Pakistan alone but it is established practice almost in all the countries. Prime minister has formed JIT to find out who did it and why it was done and who ordered this recording. This is not first time that case of audio leaks has been surfaced. Justice Qayum’s audio leaked in 1999 talking to Saifur Rahman and Shahbaz Sharif to gain favours cassettes we’re sold in the open market that exposed our weaknesses of high profile offices.
Security breach in Prime Ministers Office (PMO) has raised many valid
questions. It is an open secret that various security agencies carry out eavesdropping throughout the world as ordered by the bosses of security agencies but that does not mean that the most secure place like office of the President and Prime Minister can also be breached. That certainly sounds alarm bells. If the security of President and PM is breached and their secret and private meetings conversations is recorded then nothing is safe. But such recordings cannot be carried out without taking in confidence someone from the staff working in the house. Taping of conversations is nothing new it has always remained the exclusive domain of intelligence agencies. The latest audio leaks being shown on media has brought one thing in to focus that no office in Pakistan is safe and secure that means our security is not fool proof and no place is secure. As per law it is forbidden but who cares. There has been lot of new inventions in the eavesdropping equipment and old age practice of tapping of telephones has outlived its utility. Scramblers are attached with telephones that makes it difficult to hear proper conversation. Now the electronic devices are available where physical access to the target area is not required.
On 17 June 1972 the world was stunned when water gate scandal (tappings of conversations) surfaced when break in to Democratic National Committee headquarters led to an investigation that revealed multiple abuses of power by Nixon administration. Huge cable network and wirings were discovered that were laid to listen in the conversation of democrats, after its leakage the matter became so serious that President Nixon had to resign prematurely. PM Shahbaz Sharif has ordered immediate investigation through JIT. But how JIT that includes members of various intelligence agencies who carry out taping of telephones on orders can reach to any onclusions. The matter is serious but as pointed out earlier such operations cannot be undertaken without the connivance of house staff. There is every possibility that cell phone may have been placed in the vicinity of area of conversations. It would be worthwhile to trace calls originated from PM House on that particular day. Not with standing who has done it the matter is very serious proper probe is required because such breaches of security can jeopardise our national security. Unfortunately instead keeping such sensitive matter secret it is being openly debated to gain political mileage by accusing each other without realising its far reaching consequences. Our politicians have failed to comprehend the damage caused due to leaks as now our foreign guests would be reluctant to discuss matters freely although they already know it and do take necessary precautions.
Unfortunately our political leadership is busy in in house fighting where as a three prong attack has been launched against Pakistan. Rise of militancy and fear of TTP returning to Swat Dir and Bajur, frequent attacks on law enforcement check posts resulting in Shahadat of our soldiers and widening of wedge between government and opposition. These factors are major tools of destabilising Pakistan but for us it is “SUB ACHA”, it is not sub acha, we must wake up and try to understand that it is part of enemy agenda to bring harm to the country. Our politicians should realise the changing global situation and dangers looming over our heads from East and West demands immediate ceasefire between government and opposition and sit across the table to sort out their differences. Just to remind them everything is not discussed in open. “The anatomy of the human body is known to all of us but we still cover it”