Post-corona; importance of alternative methods of respiratory flow increase

KARACHI: Surgery experts said that tracheostomy, an alternative method of respiration, has become more important in order to save lives in the wake of increasing deaths from Covid 19 and Road Traffic accidents. Apart from various hospitals in Karachi, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, about 40 front line health workers from different institutions have been recruited for the training, said the experts at the PDC Hall of Dow University of Health Sciences Ojha Campus, says a Press release.
Describing their experiences in a two-day hands-on workshop on practical training in bronchoscopy, the two-day workshop was organized by the ENT Head and Neck Surgery Department of Dow University in collaboration with the Department of Thoracic Surgery.
Prof. Muhammad Saeed Quraishy Vice Chancellor, Dow University of Health Sciences, who is also Professor of Surgery, was the chief guest at the Hands-on-Workshop Awards Ceremony.
Addressing as the Chief Guest, Prof. Muhammad Saeed Quraishy said that about forty people from different institutions of the country Frontline health workers have completed training in tracheostomy and bronchoscopy, which is a great development. This number needs to be increased in future workshops. After training in alternative methods under Covid’s guidelines, these frontline health Workers will play their role in saving human lives across the country.
Among the experts who expressed their views in the workshop were Prof. Salman Matiullah Sheikh, Prof. Iqbal A. Muhammad Khayani, Prof. Shuja Farrukh, Dr. Salman, Dr. Murtaza, Prof. Niaz Soomro, Prof.
Ejaz Hussain Soomro and others were present.
Experts said in the workshop, that tracheostomy is more effective in restoring the natural respiratory system in alternative ways. The process of de-cannulation has a positive effect on the patient.
Prof. Iqbal Khayani while giving a lecture in the workshop said that tracheostomy is an alternative way. Respiratory restoration is a procedure in which oxygen or air enters the neck through surgery. Emergency tracheostomy, known as cricothyroidotomy or mini tracheostomy and vertical tracheostomy, while horizontal routine tracheostomy and percutaneous tracheostomy are planned performed by planning.
On this occasion, he informed the participants about the alternative methods of respiration, its advantages and disadvantages and also the precautions. ENT and thoracic surgery experts informed the participants. The experts also trained the participants through artificial body parts, telling them about all the modern and traditional instruments used in tracheostomy and bronchoscopy.
Iqbal Khayani urged the participants to go to their institutions and use their training to save human lives.
At the end of the workshop, Vice Chancellor Prof. Muhammad Saeed Quraishy distributed certificates among the participants while shields were given to the master trainers.

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