President Hamdard Foundation’s message on 27th of Ramazan

Imran Zakir

KARACHI: Sadia Rashid, the President of Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, in her message on the significance of 27th of Ramazan has stated that the 27th of Ramadan holds great importance in human history as it marks the revelation of the holy Quran, which has undoubtedly served as a beacon of light for humanity, illuminating the path towards righteousness and revealing the secrets of a pious and blessed life.
She said: For the Muslim Ummah, the night of 27th of Ramazan holds two important associations: the first is the revelation of the Quran, and the second is Laylat al-Qadr, which is much better than a thousand months. This is due to the fact that it represents the rule of God’s law and the blessings that come with it. Moreover, the establishment of Pakistan on the day of Laylat al-Qadr is not a mere coincidence but rather a manifestation of divine purpose.
By the grace of Almighty Allah, it is impossible for any earthly authority to undo Pakistan as it is destined to remain on the map of this world. Nevertheless, it is imperative for our nation to strengthen its bond with the Holy Quran and express gratitude to Allah for His blessings. Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said always advocated for the observance of the 27th of Ramadan as Independence Day and spearheaded a campaign to establish it as a national day. To this day, Hamdard Pakistan and its subsidiaries commemorate this occasion with both spiritual and patriotic enthusiasm.
Given the present difficulties and challenges that confront our country, it is of utmost importance that we acknowledge our prior shortcomings, and repent to Allah for his forgiveness and blessings. On this auspicious holy night, we should offer special supplications for the stability, advancement, and betterment of Pakistan.
On this day, let us make a solemn commitment that, as a nation, we shall express gratitude to Allah for His blessings and contribute fully to Pakistan’s growth, while adhering to the divine decrees. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala (guide and assist us so that we may become instrumental in advancing the eminence of Pakistan and remain ever thankful to Him. Ameen!