Preventing state anarchy

Last few months have been very disturbing for Pakistan, opposition along with covertly operating enemy and non state actors have partially been successful in creating perception as if PTI government is falling and establishment is also fed up with poor governance and their days are numbered. Some sort of chaos is being depicted under the cover of ever increasing prices of consumer goods that are now getting out of reach of common man.
Formation of PDM is primarily an effort to put pressure on PTI and destabilize the government and create circumstances to divert their attention from main issues and keep them engaged in non issues to bring common man on streets to release pressure from NAB cases. Opposition taking great advantage by making noise against government on account of visible one sided accountability by NAB and then we find some of the leaders getting relief from the courts due to poor investigations by NAB. While this is happening the clouds of uncertainty has engulfed the country and with each passing day establishment is being targeted not only by opposition besides a section of media without any fear of law and accountability.
Let us see what is happening around us. Opposition is on war path from day one, corruption cases instituted by NAB are lingering on, leaders involved in corruption denying fully documented possession of looted money, RAW activities in Baluchistan and from across Afghanistan border, unprecedented rise in firing incidents across LoC , attack on establishment by opposition in their public meetings. A war of words is going on between opposition and ministers, daily talk shows accusing each other. Indian media is criticising Pakistan army and airing false stories, our media making no efforts to rebuke Indian claims and in some cases raising questions in Pakistan on Indian narrative. Our leaders simply fail to understand that we are victim of Hybrid warfare and the entire nation has to fight it out. Hybrid warfare does not employ military force. It does not employ modern weapons but different skills are used. We were victims of Hybrid warfare in 1971 but failed to realise it in time. Indians had employed Shaikh Mujeeb ur Rahman along with his team to create a situation of uncertainty in East Pakistan to give India excuses so they could attack former East Pakistan now called Bangladesh and that is exactly what happened. It cannot be denied that no enemy can harm the country unless it has the support of local people who are enrolled by paying handsome money. Once again enemies of state in collusion with internal enemies are very active in creating a situation depicting as if everything is going wrong in Pakistan, covertly and openly under a planned scheme with the help of chosen media are trying to blame the establishment of all the ills without realising its consequences.
The latest example is desecration of Quaid Mausoleum and subsequent events that took place. A high level inquiry was ordered by Gen Bajwa to go into the details about alleged kidnapping of IG Police Sind in early hours of 19 October 2020. The report has been published and the officers belonging to ISI and Rangers have been removed and further action is under process in GHQ. Armed forces have the best time tested in built system of accountability where guilty cannot escape punishment. We witnessed great tamasha by section of media analysing the inquiry report word by word but never bothered to discuss what Capt Safdar did to Father of the Nation. Notwithstanding the fact remains that this should not have happened and no justification can be given. The Chairperson PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari welcomed and appreciated the inquiry report whereas Nawaz proclaimed offender rejected the report for the sake of cheap publicity
Conditions of uncertainty has engulfed the state as mentioned earlier people are confused and surprised what is preventing state not to react? What is going on in the country? Such like situations need to be controlled as quickly as possible to set an example before it gets too late. You go anywhere just one question is being discussed how long state will tolerate such nonsense that is only helping our enemies to further destabilise us? Why state is allowing free hand to known enemies? Why state writ is being continuously challenged by opposition? Does anti state narrative falls under freedom of speech and much trumpeted democracy? It is so strange that every action of the government comes under attack. Courts are over burdened due to political cases. A big Tamasha is going on, how long this will go on. Dharna politics has been revived, every political party threatens to march towards Islamabad. Is it all that democracy we want in Pakistan? When money launderers are caught and asked to explain the trail, the answer is it is Niazi -NAB nexus. Where we are heading? What is our destination? There is always a limit to any nonsense; it cannot be allowed to go on like this, even in Banana republic such disorder is not seen.
The state must react, establish its writ throughout Pakistan, bring end to mini states, eliminate mafias before tables are turned. The fight with the state destabilizing elements will go on. There is no limit to the efforts to establish the writ of the government. Those that create conditions of anarchy are not doing any service to the state. The state should tackle them with the ruthlessness that they deserve.

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