Primary school teachers suffer on several counts

KARACHI: Primary School Teachers working under campus schools have been suffering since long on different counts without their fault, but due to ill-conceived policy of Sindh Education and Literacy Department. Putting certain number of primary schools under the administration of secondary schools has simply created mess – many problems/difficulties arisen in routine work and service matters of the primary teachers at the campuses. They hang between secondary and primary education administration systems, which has proven very disruptive for them mainly because of dual bossing down to TEOs offices.
At campus secondary schools, the primary school teachers are forced to accept the policy and duty schedule fixed for secondary schools. Does it justify treating PSTs at campus schools different way than others normally working at primary schools. Were it primary teachers who demanded to be fixed under campus system? Never…they are generally facing gross discrimination including forced stay at the schools for extra hours.
The fresh development rather embarrassment for campus schools primary teachers demands attention of the education authorities. In PECHS, at a campus school the primary teachers were summoned for duty today (Sept.15) and were ordered to come to the school by 8-00 A.M and to stay there till 2 ‘O clock sitting idol because the government is yet to decide about primary students’ schooling amid threat of COVID-19.
Primary teachers not under campuses have been asked for duty from 1st October. It is universal law, in same country or a province the terms of service/policy is same for all employees of same cadre/tier. This is totally unjustified and violation of human rights that primary teachers getting same benefits are governed by two different policies or systems.
Sindh Education Minister, who is also Labour Minister and having great journey of trade unionism inherited from his father Shaheed Usman Ghani should pay attention to this serious issue. Campus school system has yielded nothing good but discrimination, unnecessary interference and pressure on primary teachers by secondary staff causing frustration among primary teachers.
Sindh Government is making big claims that education institutions were re-opened after making all required arrangements for SOPs. But, the situation is otherwise. Heads of schools were forcing teachers to pay money for purchasing face masks, sensitizers etc. for students and their visiting parents. On resistance by teachers, a Headmaster said there were no government funds available to spend on COVID-19 protective gadgets.

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