PTA requests Twitter to act against handles spreading disinformation viz Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has approached Twitter administration to immediately sensitize its moderation teams and ensure that the platform is not used as a propaganda tool for spreading fake information.
In the wake of current smear campaign of spreading false and baseless information targeting Pakistan, its cities and institutions, PTA has stressed upon Twitter to effectively block handles involved in the campaign, said a press statement issued here on Thursday
According to the statement, to the disappointment of the regulator, a number of accounts involved in propagation of untrue stories, are Twitter verified. However, they are still operating with immunity. PTA has asked the platform to take immediate action against such accounts as per its guidelines and policies, said the statement.
The statement by the PTA comes a couple of days after various established Indian media outlets were found peddling fake news about an imaginary civil war in Karachi.
Perhaps getting a little carried away by the goings-on in Pakistan’s biggest port city, Indian media manufactured an entire civil war complete with pitched gun battles between rival forces, bombings and an imaginary area in Karachi called, quite ridiculously, ‘Gulshan-e-Bagh.’ – TLTP

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