PTI faces embarrassing defeat in NA-249


PPP candidate Qadir Khan Mandokhel has won from National Assembly seat 249 according to unofficial results. Contrary to all polls and reports, his victory is no less than a surprise.All parties are in dire need of unexpected results. This time more fingers are being pointed at the PPP than the Election Commission. It is said that it has changed the results with the help of the administration.The PML-N, PTI and Pak Sarzamin Party have refused to accept the results while the PML-N has requested the Election Commission for recount. As a result, the notification of Qadir Mandokhel’s success could not be issued.Before talking about the election results, the voice of Baldia Town should also be heard which has been suppressed in the slogans of rigging and success.
There was a time when the name “Baldia” was on everyone’s tongue. On September 11, 2012, a fire broke out in a factory, killing 260 workers and injuring about 50 others.The PTI also had a lot of politics on this tragedy but unfortunately the victims of the tragedy are still longing for justice.The constituency is home to a large number ofMujajir as well as Pathans, Punjabis, other nationalities and communities. They have their own vote bank. The area is made up of extremely poor and middle-class people.
BaldiaTown ison of these settlements of Karachi as neglected in every era. The biggest problem here is drinking water. Drinking water is rarely available in homes. The majority use boring water while daily laborers are also forced to buy drinking water.It is not that there is a shortage of water. There is plenty of water but all the water is sold to factories and tanker mafia. A mafia has been active in this illegal business for years. As the government has been supporting in every era.Other issues include sanitation, garbage dumps, transport, street and street repairs. Power outages last from eight to ten hours in summer.
Whenever the election campaign starts in this constituency. Political parties and candidates seem to be promising that we will solve the water problem. We will deliver water from house to house. We will pick up garbage. Build roads.In the 2018 election campaign, Faisal Vawdaused to stand on the rubbish heap and assure the people that he would solve their problems after getting elected.After being elected MNA, he has hardly ever met the people of his constituency. Due to his busy schedule in Islamabad, when will he have enough time to fulfill the promises made to the people of his constituency.The seat fell vacant following the resignation of PTI’s FaisalVawda,who resigned after winning the Senate election.
According to unconfirmed and unofficial results, PPP’s Qadir Khan Mandokhel emerged victorious with 16,156 votes, while PML-N’s Muftah Ismail came in second with 15,473 votes. Mustafa Kamal is fourth with 9227 votes, Amjad Afridi of PTI is fifth with 8,922 votes and Mohammad Mursalin of MQM Pakistan is sixth with 7,511 votes.There was fierce competition for this seat in 2018 and it was hoped that Mian Shahbaz Sharif would win. But to make the PTI successful from Karachi, it went blind.
Faisal Vawdawas also declared the winner. He was able to defeat Shahbaz Sharif by only 723 votes.And now the PML-N candidate from the same seat Muftah Ismail has lost by 683 votes but this time his opponent was not the PTI but the PPP candidate. The number of registered voters in this constituency is more than 339,000.What kind of democracy and the rules of the Election Commission are that out of 300,000 voters, only 16,000 votes, which is not even 5% of the total votes. More than that, a UC Nazim gets votes.Qadir Khan Mandokhel will represent the entire region on this. However, the election should have been declared null and void after these results.
In the last four elections, candidates from four different parties have won this seat. In the October 2002 elections, this constituency was called NA-241 Karachi West (lll). From here, Muhammad Liq Ahmed of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal won with 26,813 votes.The PPP candidate got 6264 votes.In 2013, Iqbal Qadri of MQM won with 93,617 votes. The second-ranked ANP candidate got 36,236 votes and the PPP got 11,544 votes.In 2018, PTI’s Faisal Vawda got 35,344 votes and his rival Mian Shahbaz Sharif got 34,626 votes from this seat.This constituency has never been a stronghold of any party. Various political parties have been successful from here.Before the election, Muftah Ismail was widely expected to win as Awami National Party and Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan candidates withdrew in favor of Muftah Ismail.
By-elections are a public reaction. PTI could not defend its lost seat. This is a big shock for PTI.The PTI is facing repeated defeats in the by-elections and now the worst defeat for Faisal Vawda’s seat. For a change of government … That in itself is a big change.When a politically and financially strong figure like Faisal Vawdacould not satisfy the people of his constituency, then what should the members of the National Assembly and the Provincial Assembly who did not even have the privilege of shaking hands with Imran Khan serve the people of their constituency? How will you satisfy them?
Inflation, unemployment and poverty are common problems but the package announced by Imran Khan for Karachi has not been implemented yet. Due to these false promises, PTI has been defeated in Baldia Town. The election results do not look much different.
While losing the seat has hurt the PTI politically, it is also happy that losing at least one seat will further weaken the anti-government coalition, the PDM, due to internal divisions.If losing a seat leads to cracks in the opposition and is deep and solid, then this is not a loss-making deal.More than its defeat, the PTI is sidelining the fact that the opposition has fought among itself.
The PML-N and the PPP had their first feud and differences over the election of the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, but the defeat of Muftah Ismail at the hands of Qadir Khan Mandokhel has set the PML-N on fire.Leaders of both parties are blaming each other. The “selector” rotation that was used for Imran is now being used for the PPP and the Muslim League.Talk will get worse in the future. There will be more distances. Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s attempt to bring the two parties closer does not seem to be working.
The way the PPP elected Yousuf Raza Gilani as a senator from the National Assembly, then made him the Leader of the Opposition and now it has defeated the strong candidate of the Muslim League.After that, the Muslim League should admit that … “Aik Zardari sab per bhari”
Pakistan’s politics is very cruel … where people change their allegiance overnight. Where more than ideas, principles and promises … only victory is dear. ? It should win as it is won.

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