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Courage matters

Prime Minister in recent past has shuffled his cabinet and changed portfolio of some ministers specially Shaikh Rasheed from Minister of Railways to one of the most important ministry after ministry of foreign affairs to head the Ministry of Interior, Minister for Science & Technology Fawad Chaudhry has been once again assigned the Ministry of Information and Shibli Faraz occupies Ministry of Science & Technology. Shaukat Tareen has been inducted to manage the Ministry of Finance replacing Hammad Azhar. His main task is to prepare and present a balance Budget in the second week of June that should satisfy all segments of society. He has 6 months only and ha to get elected as MNA if he has to continue. Such changes are termed as routine changes but these frequent changes also reflect poor state of governance.
While delivering speech in Gilgit Biltastan Prime Minister has openly admitted that he made certain major wrong decisions in selection of ministers but he failed to mention about CM Punjab whose performance has come under severe criticism since his appointment, but PM continues to support him and is not prepared to replace him. While speaking in Multan he complained that CM Punjab’s achievements are not highlighted whereas he is really doing good work. Prime Minister forgot that it is not for him to praise performance of his chosen Chief Minister but his work should speak for itself. Self praise carries no recommendations in fact it is the performance that speaks for itself and is much below the required standard. It is result of poor governance that a group of MNA’s and MPA’s has come up in Punjab in support of Jahangir Tareen threatening the federal and provincial governments. Secondly in recent past everywhere in Pakistan PTI is under sharp criticism due to ever increasing prices of essential commodities and bad governance.
PTI has received lot of shocks and is under pressure as they failed to win by election seats and their overall track record has been really very pathetic. Conduct of Daska election has been the worst example of bad handling of the administration. This was good reason to change Buzdar but PM remained unmoved and PTI put blame on ECP. Take recent by election in Karachi NA- 249 their performance has been very dismal as they stood at position number 5 and PPP won the seat after 23 years, PML N candidate Miftah Ismail has challenged the result and has demanded recounting of votes. A healthy tradition continues to reign in Pakistan politics where loser never accepts its defeat. The ECP has ordered recounting of votes let us see which way the wind blows. However, the result of by elections reflect that PTI is losing ground in Sind and PPP regaining its lost glory. Although people of the constituency has rejected all the parties because it was the lowest turnout of 24.1%, but our democratic system full of flaws allows them to represent their constituency with such low turnout but no party is pushed for electoral reforms.
Rallies, public meetings, dharma agitation protests, blocking of roads burning public and private property and creating chaos is termed as beauty of democracy specially in Pakistan continues unabated.The country has seen big processions starting from Khan Abdul Qayum Khan, Asghar Khan, Maulana Shah Ahmed Noorani ,Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussain, processions of religious parties, funeral gatherings etc. The common feature has been mammoth gatherings but when it is converted to election results we find adverse results, so people attending public meetings and participating in processions in huge number cannot be taken as barometer of popularity. Majority join processions for the sake of entertainment. But all these recent processions and protests has ultimately resulted in resolution by European parliament urging EU authorities to review GSP plus status of Pakistan as blasphemy cases showing upward trend in Pakistan. People should understand our major export is textile God forbid if ban is imposed Pakistan will have disastrous effects.
For a moment let us keep aside politics, our enmities, our personal differences, hostilities against each other and for a moment think of Pakistan’s interests and we reach to one conclusion that what we are doing is no good for the country. Question arises is it right time to hold such large gatherings when corona virus has reappeared with more lethal threat to human lives. All over the world second wave has forced countries to go all out for lock downs due to increase in number of deaths due to covid 19. Look at the condition of our immediate neighbours India there are no beds, no oxygen, no wood to cremate bodies, over 3000 people dying each day is good enough reason for the government to be tough. Knowing the dangers and watching the pandemic in the world all appeals by government to follow SOP;s had no effect on the leadership of our political parties and people at large, therefore we can only pray Allah to protect people from this deadly virus God forbid if something happens it will simply be disastrous. Our political parties are heading towards path of destruction.
The nation looks up for justice from the courts. Unfortunately selective judgements and institutional distinctions has disappointed the nation corrupt continue to enjoy by getting relief from the courts. It is strange that even documented corruption takes years to close the case. It is very strange that Pakistan army is either deployed at the eastern and western borders and is in forefront to help out the government whenever called upon to do so, and to fight corona but at the same time have to face un pleasant remarks by Superior Courts. Recent utterances of CJ Lahore High Court about army were uncalled for and in bad taste. It only demoralises the force and adds to their frustration. This practice must stop
It is very strange suddenly opposition woke up after 3 years and ha demanded that elected PM should pack up. Undoubtedly it is democratic right of opposition to bring vote of no confidence the only right way to bring change in the house but they are planning long march on Islamabad, an undemocratic step that ultimately shall fail. Only Dramabazi is going on and our media is unnecessarily projecting their activities to keep them alive in politics, whereas media has to play a very constructive role at this critical stage of country’s difficulties. Pakistan’s economy has been hit badly due to COVID-19 and present wave of virus is very lethal and is taking a big death toll ranging from 115 to 140 per day. It is common enemy that is not visible therefore it needs courage to combat. Are we heading towards right direction or bent upon to destroy ourselves, it is a million dollar question everyone must ponder over it. In the words of Allama Iqbal.
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Hesitation in expressing your purpose does not behoove you
If your intentions are good you should not fear anything

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