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Public outcry leads to Secretary Culture’s visit to Hyderabad viz corruption, misconduct charges

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HYDERABAD: After public protests against Sindhoo Chandio, Secretary Culture visited Hyderabad. People piled up complaints of corruption and misconduct in front of the Secretary Culture. Sindhoo Chandio and Secretary Culture also walked inside the shrine wearing shoes.
Under a well-thought conspiracy to cover up extensive corruption in developmental projects under their supervision in Hyderabad, with the intention to spread religious discord, Deputy Director of Antiquities Department Hyderabad, Sindhoo Chandio, after staging drama at shrines and harassing visitors, forcibly removed visitors from the mausoleum of Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, locked the mausoleum, extorted money from visitors through personal employees, and after humiliating several dignitaries on behalf of Sindhoo Chandio, public protests ensued.
As a result, Secretary Culture Khalid Chachar visited the mausoleum of Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro Thursday, and the officials of the shrine committee and local residents informed him of their issues.
Officials of the shrine committee not only presented a heap of complaints against Sindhoo Chandio regarding his misconduct, bad manners, and corruption but also showed videos to the Secretary Culture depicting the mausoleum being opened at various times of the night and money being extorted from visitors by the personal employee of Sindhoo Chandio during Fajr prayers.
However, no official action was taken against Deputy Director of Antiquities Department Hyderabad Sindhoo Chandio regarding the incident.
The surprising fact is that during the tour of the inner part of the mausoleum, all the visitors and officials of the shrine committee entered barefoot, but Sindhoo Chandio, without showing any respect, continued his theatrics of disrespect not only for himself but also for the Secretary Culture, making him also walk around the mausoleum barefoot.