Punjab Assembly to be Dissolved on Imran Khan’s call, CM Pervaiz Elahi

The Punjab Assembly would be dissolved at Imran Khan’s Call, according to Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi.

Monitoring Desk

ISLAMABAD: Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi on Sunday asserted that he would dissolve the Punjab Assembly within a minute on (PTI) chairman Imran Khan’s call.
While talking to media in Lahore, Elahi said that we never break the trust of those we swear allegiance to. Therefore, we will immediately dissolve the provincial assembly whenever Imran Khan would ask for it, he added.

Elahi further stated that Imran Khan has been granted a second-life by Allah, and after the former premier’s announcement at the Rawalpindi public gathering, his political strategy has entered a decisive phase, adding that the massive crowd proved former premier’s popularity.

The Punjab CM went on state that not only the ‘fake alliance’ of PDM, but Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s government which is based on mere 27 kilometers would also collapse within 27 hours, after the provincial governments would submit resignations on the PTI chief’s call.

He further warned PML-N of facing a tough competition from PTI in the upcoming general elections, while adding that the country will now have religious and fair governance which would benefit the poor and common man.

He went on to add that the religious governance has already been initiated in Punjab, and one of its examples is free treatment of cancer being offered across the province for the public welfare.

Earlier, former federal minister Moonis Elahi clarified the situation regarding the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly, stating that the provincial assembly will be dissolved at the direction of Imran Khan.

To speak on the matter of dissolving the Punjab Assembly, Moonis Elahi shared a post on his official Twitter account and said, “We bagged success with the blessing of Allah Almighty on July 27, when Pervaiz Elahi was elected as the Punjab chief minister. Since then, we are running the provincial government – on bonus – in order to keep our promises.”
“We would break the Punjab Assembly when Imran Khan asks us to,” Moonis said, referring to the PTI chief as “the PM.”

A day earlier, former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan stated that he had decided to opt out of a “corrupt system and quit all assemblies”.
“My party has decided not to remain part of the current political system and will instead resign from all the assemblies,” the PTI chief said in his first in-person address at the mammoth rally in the garrison city of Rawalpindi.

It is pertinent to note that the ‘masterstroke’ was up Imran’s sleeve until Saturday’s mega rally and even the party workers were not filled in on the plan.

Imran further said that his party did not come to Rawalpindi for elections or politics but emphasised that it was the need of the country to have fresh elections. He added he did not care about elections since they would be held in nine months and his party would win them anyway.

The former prime minister – ousted in April through an assemblage of opposition parties – had embarked on the long march in October from Lahore with the demand.
The march was temporarily halted after the gun attack on him on November 3.
On Saturday, Imran arrived on stage using a walking frame and addressed the crowd from behind bulletproof glass. He said he had been told by various security sources there was still a threat to his life.

Imran also came out all guns blazing at the establishment once again during his much-anticipated address and alleged that the establishment and Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had united with those in the current government against him but the nation had sent a clear message by standing with the PTI.

However, the former premier maintained that he criticised institutions including the military establishment and judiciary because “I have to live and die here”.

“My criticism of institutions is positive. I want to strengthen the defence of the country. This country is mine… army is mine. I will fight for the country till the last drop of my blood. I want my country to achieve real freedom. History will bear witness that Imran Khan fought for the country till the last ball.”

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