Recipe of Disaster-Election

Recipe of Disaster-Election

Recipe of Disaster-Election People all over Pakistan notwithstanding which party they belong are fed up with dirty politics going on in Pakistan. It looks politicians are not at all interested in the welfare of people and state but are busy in protecting their own interests.

A country suffering from financial meltdown and heading towards default the display of non-serious behavior of politicians is highly deplorable. Character assassination campaign launched against opposition leaders by government and oppositions allegations against top leadership of government on the social media has crossed all the limits of decency.

The world is laughing at us. The vulgarity being displayed in the form of videos has surpassed the west. Allegations and counter allegations and uploading of dirty videos of politicians some in original and some photo shopped certainly has shaken the basic norms of our culture and morality.

This Tamasha is going on since April 2022 when PTI government was changed through controversial vote of no confidence during hours of darkness. After the ouster of PTI from power they are demanding fresh elections to which government response is negative. As a consequence, Chairman PTI announced long march for Haqiqi Azadi towards Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

As the long march rally reached Wazirabad PTI chairman was fired upon on his container, Allah has been kind in saving his life but 4 bullets hit his legs and he was rushed to SKMH where doctors removed three bullets from his legs that resulted in temporary halting of Azadi march. Having recovered partially from bullet wounds fresh date of 26 November 2022 has been announced by IK when the Azadi March shall reach Rawalpindi.

Government has taken strict security measures to stop Azadi march entering Islamabad. The city has already been sealed by employing police Rangers besides placing hundreds of containers.

To divert attention of people from domestic pressures issue of appointment of new army chief that otherwise a normal affair was launched that remains under discussion and it was favorite topic of our media and anchors were busy in analyzing the appointment without knowing the internal system.

Thank God the matter atands resolved as President has signed summary for the appointment of Army Chief and Chairman JCSC, as a result Gen Asif Munir shall assume command of Pakistan Army on 29th November and Gen Saher Shamshad shall assume command on 27 Nov. Approval of summary by President has shocked many anchors and they stand exposed, equally some in government who thought as if President Arif Alvi may raise objections.

In this respect statement of our foreign minister was uncalled for in which he warned President not to to interfere with the summay.

PTI Chairman’s only demand is announcement of election date after 26 November Azadi march when it reaches Rawalpindi.

It is constitutional right of all the political parties to stage demonstrations, protests and Dharnas for pressing their demands.

This has been acknowledged by the Supreme Court and High Court Islamabad while rejecting government’s request for stopping protest by IK. We are fully aware all political parties flout country laws without any fear and in spite of ban imposed by government all political parties ignore government instructions and restrictions.

Let me remind people of Pakistan that on November 22, 2020, the PDM held a rally in Peshawar despite a ban placed on gatherings by the government and warnings of a possible terrorist attack on the rally.

President PDM Maulana Fazlur Rehman not only held the rally but also warned that any institution found interfering in the political set up of the country would be named openly. In fact he was hinting at the establishment.

He said “Hum fauj aur idaaron ka ehteraam karte hain agar woh humare difai idaara hai humara difai idaara humaare sar aankhoon pe. Lakin agar woh siyaasi idaara banne ki koshish karre ga tu phir tanqeed bardasht karni hogi. Phir yeh matt kahein ke humara naam na liya karro. PhirTumhara naam bhi liya jaye ga, phir tum pe tanqeed bhi kijaye gi.”

This was an open threat to establishment but there was no response from ISPR. If PTI is now ignoring governments orders and taking out rally it cannot be objected, it is basically action replay of what has been happening in democratic country called Pakistan.

Question arises what are the options with the government. PTI chairman has already displayed his popularity in winning most of the bye election seats with handsome majority. Pakistan and all over the world people have witnessed sea of men responding to his calls.

The only sensible option remains in announcing the election date and let us not make it an issue, the other option shall be use of force that would be disastrous and it only suits our enemies. This option leads towards disorder and destruction the other towards peace and prosperity. One can hope that sanity shall prevail and recipe of disaster election date shall be announced. slot slot pulsa slot slot online