Red Zone Extension Reason Enough to Ignite Confrontation: Sh Rashid

Red Zone extension reason enough to ignite confrontation: Sh Rashid

RAWALPINDI: Former interior minister and Awami Muslim League Chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has warned that government’s expansion of the Red Zone to Zero Point will gave way to political confrontation adding that the decision also negates the Supreme Court order.

Taking to his Twitter handle on Sunday, Sh Rashid wrote: “The government’s decision to expand the Red Zone area of Islamabad is a reason enough to invite a political confrontation. The extension of the Red Zone area to Zero Point is a denial of the Supreme Court’s permission for the long march.

The institutions have also said that there is no restriction on holding a peaceful march. On Friday, November 4, we will accord a historic welcome to the long march from Rawat to Islamabad.”

He went on to tweet: “The government is running away from elections. Offer of negotiations is just a bluff. Those who originally hold power they should conduct elections for the betterment of the country. Confronting with the will of people means destruction of economy and default.

The FIA is putting pressure on the Punjab police to arrest me. There will be a hearing on my petition for my pre-arrest bail in the Lahore High Court on Oct 31.” – NNI