Reflection on COVID-19

People consume things against nature. So nature is taking revenge, I am sure. We can say Wuhan is the origin of coronovirus, we hamper nature so nature hampers us. What happened to our smiles? Overshadowed by the worries in our mind. Humanities have been deeply affected. We stand to fight the virus, with all our might and abilities, contagious and spreading, from man to man ever growing. You treated all the same, you are different and got fame. Showed no disparity or partiality, for all our mistakes, a great apology.
School is open, I pretend yes, everything is fine on my end. School work, relationships, all is great by slowly, slowly, I descend. If your earnings were righteous, you would not fear it (coronavirus). However, you carried plenty of sins .Allah warned, with this epidemic, His slaves! Allah, with this affliction, quarantined us all. Glory be to Him who saves His slaves out of His favour and gives them a soul and eyes to ponder.
It was inevitable when there is a natural disaster, God often is cited as the cause. It is a way of deflecting blame from the real culprit – which, all too often, as in the coronavirus pandemic, rests heavily on human shoulders.
COVID-19 began in Wuhan, China, in mid-December 2019. China failed to report on the outbreak until December 31, when it notified the World Health Organization. Part of the blame for COVID-19 rests on the shoulders of China’s leadership. Much of the blame for how the pandemic is unfolding here rests on our leadership, however. Almost from the moment WHO was notified by China, US intelligence agencies began issuing “ominous classified warnings” about the looming danger, but rather than being acted upon, the warnings basically were ignored.
As reported on March 20 in the Washington Post, the intelligence warnings painted a picture of “a globe-encircling pandemic that could require governments to take swift actions to contain it.” Yet the administration and members of Congress “continued publicly and privately to play down the threat the virus posed to Americans.” Washington, it is reported, “did not grapple with the virus in earnest until this month.”
Ordinary people share the blame, as well, and specifically those people who ignore the dangers and go on as if nothing is wrong – thereby helping to infect others. In Lakewood, as of this writing on March 30, police had to break up five Chasidic gatherings, including two on Sunday and Monday of this week. On Monday, Ocean County had 874 cases of COVID-19, according to State figures; Lakewood accounted for 371 of those cases, or more than 42 percent. In New York City, health officials reported a surge of coronavirus cases in Brooklyn Chasidic Jewish communities, blamed on gatherings of various sorts, including weddings, which continue to take place despite warnings.
Another sector that seems less inclined to take precautions are people 45 and under, teenagers especially. One of every five people being hospitalized for the virus is between 20 and 44 years old. According to CDC figures, roughly a third of new cases are in this age group. People who do not take this pandemic seriously are endangering themselves – and they are endangering everyone else.
We look at the reality we see in our world. While some of us shake our fists in anger at God, too many of us see it as proof that there is no God. The blame is misplaced. “The world follows its own course.” We understood hurricanes and tsunamis. Even if we do not immediately understand a “novel” disease, we do understand how disease spreads. We have a very good idea what the world’s “course” is, but unless we do what is needed to avert disasters we know could happen, they will happen.

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