Religion – A trust on God

Religion is a ‘deen’ or we can say religion is that we trust on God. It is a social culture, value which we have belief on God or faith on God. There are so many religions like Muslims, Sikh, Christians and Hindu etc.
Our religion is Islam. What is Islam, anyone or anything that surrenders itself to the true well of Allah and we have only faith on Allah. Islam is not only a religion, it is considered as the complete way of life. The religion of Islam is all about the attributes of peace, harmony, unity, forgiveness, and mercy.
Muslims – persons who believe or follow the Islamic religion are known as Muslims. All Muslims believe in the oneness of Allah and know that Islam is the final religion sent down by Him so that mankind can attain guidance and piety in this world. It teaches us there is one God, and Muhammad (SAAW) is the Messenger of Allah. Muslims consider Holy Quran which is the holy book from Muhammad (SAAW). This is the Holy Book which we can learn many things about Islam. This is revealed on Shab-e-Qadr. In Islam many people divided this so many parts like Hanafi, Shia, Sunni, Al-Hadees. But i do not believe on this. I believe that there is one religion is Islam and there is one God (Allah). And there are many prophets but Muhammad (SAAW) is the last Prophet.
Whatever actions, deeds and behaviour followers of Islam depict in this temporary world, we have not to forget at the end the world will end. And everyone has to die one day. They will be accountable for in the next life or the Hereafter. Allah (SWT) is the one who made us and we shall return to him. He is the supervisor of the whole universe. Allah is the one who made the whole universe. He has no parents, no siblings and no offspring. Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAAW) is the last of the Prophets sent by Allah for the benefit of mankind. Hence he is known as the seal of the Prophets. It is a complete book of guidance. Islam is based on five pillars: (1) Testimony of faith (Kalmah Shahadah); (2) Prayer (Salat); (3) Giving (Zakat); (3) Fasting (Sawm); and (5) Pilgrimage (Hajj).
In Islam Marriage completes half of our Imaan (faith). In Islam the marriage is the Nikah which two accepts two people or acceptance of both men as well as women. People believe that there is two caste of marriage upper caste and Lowe caste and caste system but in Islam all are equal and same. Then why people are against this. Why a rich boy can’t marry with poor girl? Why Shia Girl can’t marry with a Sunni boy? If Shia boy can marry with Sunni girl then why Sunni girl marry with Shia boy. Why people are more against it? Why people can’t understand in Islam there is not Shia, Sunni. Some people fight with each other, they don’t know what actually Islam means? Everyone’s forgiveness will be accepted without shirk. Everyone is equal. There is only one Islam and one God and Muhammad (SAAW) is the last Messenger.

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