Is pen too dangerous?


The root of journalism comes from people’s right to have an opinion. Today people depend on the press on being informed of what’s happening. The media plays a vital role in a democratic society. … Therefore its primary purpose is to make sure all citizens are aware of their rights.
How powerful is the media influence? Influence of mass media…Media influence is the actual force exerted by a media message, resulting in either a change or reinforcement in audience or individual beliefs.
Journalism has not yet created crime in the world. But there is a country in the world where there is a state that has been demanding its rights for the last 70 years, declared there journalism is a crime. But why have they been declared a crime, if they say the truth, they help people bring them back there rights and putting questions of people in front of the world. Where there is a lot of oppression and people are being persecuted. If journalists do not make the authorities aware about the sufferings of its citizens then who will make them aware about their problems.
Kashmir being a conflict zone where free and fair journalism is under attack who so dissents will be charged with doctrine laws in order to silence the pen of his ink.
The laws which are for hardened criminals where used against them to silence there voice.
But there have been such situations in Kashmir that journalism has been declared a crime. After all, how long will the people of Kashmir tolerate this oppression? Wherever the truth is spoken, people are put on fir and then send them to jails. The people of Kashmir had only one hope that was journalism, but unfortunately the country who suppresses the Kashmir by armed powers also declared it a crime. My question is from the United Nations Organization that helps people get the right.
If journalism is a crime in Kashmir, why not journalism in the rest of world will be declared a crime? When the whole world is under lockdown and countries are trying to get out of these diseases in order to save the lives of their citizens India is busy in targeting Muslims in mainland India and journalists in Kashmir. After all, how long will we bear all this, we are being persecuted by our rights. A few days ago, one of our sister journalists and one of our brother journalist who were detained I do not understand what was wrong with them if they spoke of the truth.
Journalists in Kashmir are witnessing an increased level of harassment by the police through censorship, interrogation and, in some cases, imprisonment. The illegal detention of the Masarat Zehra, Gowher Gellani Kamran, Asif Sultan and Gowher Wani is the most recent such incidences.
A simple change in the winds of politics can become the trigger that eventually takes aim. As Kashmir has suffered one conflict after the other, beyond the state’s citizens, journalists have paid the price too, facing death threats and even suffering attacks on their family members as a result of efforts to silence them.
Due to frequent internet blockage IoK journalists, face difficulty in broadcasting their stories and full filling their duties. In recent lockdown and revoke of article 370, life in IoK became stagnant and miserable. The lockdown of the internet has ceased communication. The Indian authorities had snapped the broadband internet connection of the Kashmir. Hence, Internet blockage is the main hindrance in full filling the profession of journalism in IoK.
On the other hand, under the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), journalists are captured, detained, tortured and molested by the Indian army for portraying the true events to the world.
Where is your power? Where is your ego? Where are your armies? You have always acted like you are unbeatable…where are you now? Hidden at home and scared from an unseen creature. Now try to think again there is someone powerful than you…someone who can beat you with an unseen solider…please try to remember next time if you get another chance …remember that our Lord sees you while you are killing the innocent kids and women in the muslim countries. He sees you while you are ordering the weak Muslim rulers to kill the scientists and put religious people in jails to keep the society empty from all positive people. Now you are tasting fears from death for few weeks only. The kids of Kashmir, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Uighur tastes this kind of fears from last 90 years.
There were people dying everywhere getting massacred in every town and village, there were people being picked up and thrown into dark jails in unknown parts, there were dungeons in the city where hundreds of young men were kept in heavy chains and from where many never emerged alive, there were thousands who had disappeared leaving behind women with photographs and perennial waiting ,there were multitudes of dead bodies on the roads, in hospital beds, in fresh martyrs’ graveyards and scattered casually on the snow of mindless borders. This is the life of Kashmiri people continuous lockdown for the last 80 years.
We believe that the common people of India are totally ignorant of the Kashmir issue and about the atrocities being unleashed upon Kashmiris by those whom they call saviors.
They only know what their biased media tell them. The day they know the reality of and atrocities being unleashed upon the unarmed innocent Kashmiris they would came out on roads to ask for our rights. Last year the chief of Indian army in a statement advised young Kashmiris to laptops, pen and books instead of stones. We follow his advice and doing the same by writing this piece.
Kashmiri people are fighting the war for freedom. India cannot stop this freedom movement through atrocities, as Kashmir dispute is a problem of humanity, human rights, and freedom. It is time to end the western policy of malign neglect.
One of the great writers who quote one of the great quotes about Kashmir “Everyone wants Kashmir but no one wants Kashmiris.
Aren’t I a miracle? A seed that survived the slaughter & slaughters to come. I think I believe in freedom I just don’t know where it is. I think I believe in home, I just don’t know where to look.”