Return of Taliban

Mukhtar Ahmed Butt : The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.

The exit of US from Afghanistan without any proper planning has resulted in the mess, to cover up their defeat US also blaming Pakistan. It was much before the Doha talks that US realised that they have lost the war and wanted Pakistan to play its role in their safe exit from Pakistan and we did come up-to their expectations when US announced the dead line in leaving Afghanistan from May 2021 onwards. Whether somebody accepts or not it was blunder not to include Afghan government in Doha talks, after all how could you miss out major stake holder, the legitimate government in Afghanistan (for some puppet). How can you blame Pakistan on Taliban’s grand success in capturing 19 provinces out of 34 in quick succession. We were facilitators and the world acknowledges our constructive role played throughout the years. Shah Mahmood Qureshi has repeated many times that Pakistan will accept any government that comes in to power elected by the people of Afghanistan leaving margin that any government that comes in to power through force may not be acceptable. But the way Taliban were advancing it took them just three days to enter Kabul. No resistance was offered by ANA. Taliban were ready to enter in to dialogue with Afghan government subject to Ashraf Ghani stepping down, but he choose to run away without giving any fight.
A big question is bothering everyone what happened to 3 lac Afghan Army armed with most advanced weapons and trained by US would just offer no resistance and surrender. In all probabilities it was all pre arranged between US, Taliban and Ashraf Ghani so that US leaves Afghanistan without any blood shed.
We all knew India and Afghanistan had made joint action plan against Pakistan but it is nothing new we are facing India since 1947 and we shall continue facing them till such time Kashmir issue is resolved. We should never forget that Afghanistan was the only country that opposed Pakistan’s entry in the United Nations. For 20 years we have been looking after them, 4 million of people is not a small figure. The world acknowledges our sacrifices and contributions in maintaining peace in the region. We can never forget when Donald Trump on 1 January 2018 accused Pakistan of “lies and deceit” saying America was foolish in giving Islamabad $33billion in aid, forgetting our sacrifices of 80000 people and financial loss of over $120 billion besides damaging the infrastructure. It was hoped that Joe Biden administration shall do justice and shall not follow blind policies of Donald Trump but it did not happen. US wanted us to do more as usual but PM Imran Khan took bold decision when he point blank refused to become partner in fighting war on terror, instead preferred to say Absolutely not.
Unfortunately Afghanistan had joined hands with our enemy India both were engaged against Pakistan and using social media to blame us for their failures. It is so disgusting to note that some of our political parties were also following the same trend on social media.NSA of Pakistan Moeed Yousaf in a press conference has disclosed that through hybrid war Pakistan, its army and CPEC are the targets. This was the time that Pakistan media should have come in a big way to support the government and expose our enemies but it did not happen.
This time the Taliban changed their strategy and are not killing people but are friendly with them and faced no resistance and captured Kabul without firing a bullet. At present things are in mess. Taliban leadership is busy in consolidating their position. This time they have shown great flexibility and assuring people of their safety and security, but panic prevails America 20 years ago miscalculated that Afghanistan is a walk over they very much wrong and again went wrong when started
withdrawal from Afghanistan after Doha agreement with Taliban. Apparently what appears to be a mistake to us appears as if it was intentional because America wanted a civil war in Afghanistan that will spill over into Pakistan destabilise it create problems for China on western border and put Iran at alert with Sunni Taliban taking over its western borders.Civil war did not start because the army did not react that shattered the plans of US. Secondly the Shia dominated Northern Areas and its leaders supported Taliban and made peace with them. That created havoc for the Americans and victory for Iran with no threat at its eastern borders and India fell flat
Preempting US plan after withdrawal China started dialogue with the Taliban and so was the case with Russia.Pakistan secured off its border months earlier with Afghanistan. Stayed away from its internal matters thus there was no conflict between the Taliban and Pakistan. The greatest sufferer is India which invested $3 billion assuring US all the time that they have a stronghold in Afghanistan and post American withdrawal the Indians can handle everything. Like civil war it also flopped. Every one knew that Afghan government was a puppet to begin with and was imposed them on the Afghan people.
Now after America leaving Afghanistan India falling on its face, Ghani getting asylum in UAE on humanitarian grounds, army surrendering before Taliban the entire war is going to be fought now in the news and social media .No rockets, no bombs, no bullets, no carpet bombings. Pakistan needs to get united internally, get ready to fight this information warfare with a vigour and proper strategy.Get ready to beat Indian narrative and RAW activities, don’t go after rumours never react unless verified by different sources
Pakistan stands on a strong wicket than before. Pakistan is on a better position on diplomatic front than it has been in the past 20 years of this war.Pakistan should continue its full support to Taliban in forming government. Pakistan is vital for Taliban they have also only one choice to cooperate fully with Pakistan to make this region peaceful. With China, Iran, Pakistan, Russia beating at the same frequency future of CPEC is very bright as Afghanistan shall provide unhindered access to Central Asian countries and India standing no where
Lastly question of recognition of Taliban government.We must wait for the formation of the government and its composition.There are two groups one is extremist group and the other moderate, they both have to satisfy the world community, if it does not happen peace in Afghanistan shall prove to be a distant dream and Pakistan will be major loser.

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