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Talk about China – Part 2

Mubasher Mir

Our host coordinator, Ms. Tong, appeared very active. She had also arranged the hotel quite well, a fact we realized upon reaching it late at night. We were all weary from a long journey that commenced in Karachi. Manzar Naqvi, Secretary General of the Karachi Editors Club, guided the entire delegation through visa and ticket procedures in Karachi. Having visited China seven times himself and authored two books, he had no trouble maintaining timely contact with the Consulate General Office in Karachi. He is considered an expert on the Pak-China relationship as well.
Apart from myself, the delegation included Dr. Muhammad Ali Ehsan, an International Affairs Expert, Ahmed Malik, Former President of the Karachi Press Club, Javed Malik, Chief Editor of News Lark, Shabbar Naqvi, Associate Editor of The Financial Daily, Ms. Shama Munshi, a Columnist, Numan Nizami, a Photojournalist, and Gul Rukhsar Mujahid, Editor of Way World Magazine. Each member of the delegation held a significant position in their respective fields of interest.

At the onset of our visit, His Excellency Yang Yundong, the Consul General of China, organized a special meeting to brief all members of the delegation. During this meeting, he announced that I would be heading the delegation. This responsibility was formally assigned as an honor for the President of the Karachi Editors Club. The entire team had diligently worked towards enhancing Pakistan-China relations, with many members contributing insightful articles on various occasions.
Upon arrival at the hotel lobby, Ms. Tong assigned us rooms before departing for her own home. With heavy eyelids, we encountered a robot serving as a waiter. It became apparent that the robot flawlessly executed room service tasks under the guidance of its software. We later discovered that such robots are commonplace in China, reflecting the nation’s advancements in robotic technology.
At that moment, our priority was securing a comfortable bed, given our exhaustion from the journey. The allure of sleep intensified, making a prolonged rest incredibly appealing.
Considering the importance of punctuality in a foreign country, an alarm service seemed prudent. China, where the day typically begins at 7 o’clock in the morning, requires adherence to schedules. Convincing fellow members to arrive promptly at the lobby posed a challenge, especially considering our Karachi origins. Dr. Muhammad Ali Ehsan’s military background accustomed him to early mornings, while Javed Malik’s early rising was attributed to his wife’s diligence back in Pakistan. Ahmad Malik’s charm resonated, and Shama Manshi’s Penchant (Sitting in circle with family) for late nights became evident. Shabbar Naqvi diligently documented our experiences for a travel diary sent back to Pakistan.
On the first day, both Ms. Tong and our tour guide, Mr. Jason, surprised us by being in the hotel lobby before breakfast. The buffet breakfast offered a variety that catered to everyone’s tastes. It was intriguing to observe locals from different Chinese cities converging for breakfast. The sheer volume of movement between cities within China, a nation of over a billion people, was staggering. Our breakfast experience, adopting local customs, was enlightening, particularly witnessing the Chinese appetite for substantial meals despite their slender frames.