Role of cybercrime in child abuse in Pakistan

Cybercrime is a crime which occurs by the usage of electronic devices. Nowadays, internet usage is very common globally. Due to its useful and informative nature. in Pakistan the negative use of technology and internet is increasing day by day. Similarly, Pakistan has witnessed high ratio of cybercrime in 20th century, by the usage of smart phones and internet. However, children also become prey of child abuse due to this social issue.
Moreover, in international law under Article 20 of the Lanzarote Convention browse with Article 9 of Convention on cybercrime so the 2 conventions complement one another. Article 20 of Lanzarote Convention outlined as offences regarding erotica, every party shall take the required legislative or different measures equally, outlined under Article 9 of Convention on cybercrime as offences associated with erotica. Every party shall adopt such legislative and different measures as is also necessary to ascertain as criminal offences under its domestic law, once committed by choice.
Under Article 25(1) of the Constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan “all voters of Pakistan are equal before law and entitled to equal protection of law”. Article 37(a) of the Committee on the Rights of Children (CRC) Convention states that “no child shall be subjected to torture or different cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”.
Similarly, people give rise to the crime ratio of cybercrime bymisusage the Article 19 of the constitution of Pakistan which reported as; “Every citizen of Pakistan shall have right to freedom of speech and expression, and there shall be freedom of the Press.”
It is reported that the cases of child abuse on terribly important basis in Pakistan if we have a tendency to summary the word “childabuse”under law as “sexual, physical or mental harassment to a minor”. So, initially, the abuse law of Pakistan elaborates the punishment regarding child abuse, as aforesaid Pakistan’s Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari.
Even the secular states like, India disallows this shameful act of involving children in pornography, so how can Muslim state like Pakistan can accept this curse in the society? as, Supreme Court of Pakistan has prohibited the pornographic websites, online material that were connected blasphemous and immoral for society.
Similarly, FIA reports a noble range of complaints daily, it reached up to approximately 93500 complaints in 2020. These complaints connected minor cybercrimes i.e. fraud, spamming, harassment, fraud, hacking and defamation.
In same way, with the speedy increasing assess of internet acuteness in Pakistan, authorities need to take necessary measures to keep people and their data safe. Many people depend on online services in Pakistan, they can become susceptible to cybercrimes.
To conclude, since the period of COVID-19 children have been involved in the negative usage of internet so, they’re additionally falling to be victim to the current scenario. the sole resolution to increasing that issue of violence against kids is online platforms. Either via educational institutions or through their parents, children need to become aware of this immorality and become knowledgeable about the consequences, the dark unknown web. If only when children learn how to use in positive way it can be possible to tackle the issue of cybercrime and the higher authorities need to control it in proper manner, enforcement agencies should implement the laws which exists here in Pakistan i.e. the Pakistan Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 (PECA). slot